Hey, gamer. 

The latest bundle in the Creator's Garage Series has arrived, and it's none other than NRG pro player and content creator with more than 2.5 million subscribers, amustycow! You can get this collection of customization items handpicked by Musty himself beginning today until December 8.

Get Musty's Garage and unlock six popular items, including the Poof Goal Explosion (Lime Painted), making it the first time a Painted version of this item has been made available and the first variant version of an item previously featured in a Rocket Pass. Check out the full list of items. 

Musty's Garage (2000 Credits)

  • Octane (Lime Painted)

  • 20xx Decal 

  • Sparkles Boost (Crimson Painted)

  • Cristiano Wheels

  • Standard Trail (Lime Painted)

  • Poof Goal Explosion (Lime Painted)

Be sure to use Musty's Support-A-Creator code "MUSTY," or a creator code of your choice while in the Item Shop to help support your favorite personality in the Rocket League Community. 

Take a look at Musty's Garage in-game now, and check out his content on his YouTube and Twitch channels!