Rocket League is part of the Epic Games Support-A-Creator program! That means a portion of the purchases you make in Rocket League can go to your favorite content Creator. Visit the Support-A-Creator Portal for more information about eligibility and how to apply.

How Do I Support a Creator?

From the Item Shop Menu in Rocket League, select Support-A-Creator in the upper right corner of the screen. Input the Creator Code of the Creator you would like to support. The code will reset and will have to be re-entered after 14 days.

How Can I Become a Creator?

If you are a Rocket League Creator that meets the overall Epic Support-A-Creator eligibility requirements, you can submit an application in the Support-A-Creator Portal. Once approved, you can share your Creator Code with your Rocket League audience to use in-game!

F. A Q.

  • How long is a Creator Code active in Rocket League?
  • Similar to other games in the Epic Support-A-Creator program, once you select a Creator to support in Rocket League, the associated Creator Code will be set for 14 days (unless you enter another Creator Code). After 14 days, the Creator will be reset and players must put in another Creator Code (or the same) to support again.

  • If I already support a Creator in another game and wish to do the same in Rocket League, do I have to put in their Creator Code in Rocket League?
  • Yes, even if you already support your favorite Creator in another game, in order to support that Creator in Rocket League, you will need to input their Creator Code in the Item Shop in-game.

  • What do Creators earn in Rocket League?
  • For Rocket League, accepted Creators will earn 5% of Credits spent in-game while using their Creator Code. This applies to Credits used in the Item Shop, Blueprint building and Rocket Pass Premium upgrades.