Frosty Vibes, From Our Garage To Yours

Feel that chilly breeze nipping at your front intake? It’s Winter! The special time of year when we put on our biggest hoodies and cuddle up close to a warm PC. It’s also a season full of music, and this year’s winter melodies come straight from Lofi Girl. 

While some might remember the name chilledcow, the Lofi Girl channel is famous for their “lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to” stream on YouTube. We’re teaming up to bring those same famously chill beats to Rocket League! Throughout Frosty Fest, players can unlock Lofi Rewards, spin chilled-out Player Anthems, or dive into three Limited Time Modes.

Now, go get comfy. Frosty Fest begins December 14! 



Cozy Challenges

The end of a year comes with all kinds of traditions, and in Rocket League, every winter brings Frosty Fest Challenges! Completing this year’s Challenges will unlock a mix of Lofi Girl and winter-themed Rewards.

The cuddly Lofi Girl Cat Topper isn’t just an Item—it’s also your new best friend! This fluffy feline can and will snooze comfortably through your sweatiest matches. Or, if you’re cold on Toppers, show off your immaculate taste in music with Lofi Girl and Lofi Girl Winter Player Banners

The Lofi Girl Decal’s snowy bokeh pattern brings out the magic of the season. Snow-capped fenders? That’s just icing on the cake. And speaking of ice, the Snowflake Antenna and Frosty Flake Decal match perfectly alongside Season 9’s flash-frozen Items.

The best gifts come from the heart, and Frosty Fest has a heart of gold. Throughout the Event, players can earn up to five Golden Gifts that unlock Items from the Elevation, Vindicator, and Player’s Choice Item Series’. Golden Gifts work the same way as previous Golden rewards⁠—complete the Challenge up to five times to earn Golden Gifts, then open them in your Inventory to unlock items.


Frosty Fest Rewards

  • Lofi Girl Decal

  • Lofi Girl Cat Topper

  • Lofi Girl Cocoa Topper

  • Lofi Girl Wheels

  • Lofi Girl Player Banner

  • Lofi Girl Winter Player Banner

  • Lofi Girl Headphones Avatar Border

  • Frosty Flake Decal

  • Snowflake Antenna 

  • Igloo Topper 



Sounds of the Season

Hear that music in the air? Frosty Fest has its very own winter soundtrack! Kick back with Player Anthems from Artists Kainbeats, Purrple Cat, and xander. Each Player Anthem will be available individually for 300 Credits, or you can purchase the complete Bundle for 800 Credits. The songs will also be available on the Rocket League Youtube Channel beginning December 14, supplying slowed + reverb vibes all winter long.


Frosty Fest 2022 feat. Lofi Girl

Don’t forget to pick up a free "Frost Boss" Player Title in the Item Shop!


3 Winter Modes

Don’t let the cold leave you feeling blue—we’ve got three LTMs to heat up your chilliest nights. First up is Winter Breakaway! Face off in Throwback Stadium (Snowy) Arena with 3v3 hockey action from December 14 to 21. 

Next, we’ll open up a wild game of Heatseeker Ricochet from December 21 to 28. In this Mode, touching the ball will automatically send it rocketing toward your opponent's goal. First to 7 wins!

Last, we’ll see the grand return of Knockout from December 28 to January 3! With attack, block, and grab mechanics, this 8-player free-for-all will put you to the ultimate test. No ball, no teammates, no mercy. For a deeper dive into the rules of this chaotic LTM, check out the Knockout Bash Blog from earlier this year!

Gather ‘round the fireplace and turn up the tunes—Frosty fest will be live from December 14 to January 3