Hello everyone! 2022 is flying by, and we’re into the second half of Season 6. We hope your competitive grind and tournament matches are going well, and that you’re getting close to Pro Tier territory in Rocket Pass. It was great to see so many of you in Los Angeles for the sold-out RLCS Winter Major, and we hope our friends in Europe will join us for the Spring Major in July. And for our Rocket League Sideswipe fans, be sure to brush up on the Season 3 Rewards here!


We want to thank everyone who jumped into Knockout, one of the most unique game modes we’ve ever brought to Rocket League. Shout out to those who sent us feedback in the Knockout Bash Megathread over on the subreddit, and to all of the creators for hopping in and showing the community what the new mode is all about. We’re letting all the feedback sink in before we announce any changes or plans with Knockout in the future, but we do want to highlight two major points of feedback we’ve seen rippling across the community:


  • While many of you jumped right into Knockout and picked it up with ease, you also want a more robust tutorial when we’re introducing such a radical new mode type.
  • We’re keeping an eye on “Trinity” feedback in particular, most notably how Grabs factor in versus Attacks and Blocks.


We’ve also read through a ton of conversation related to Season 6 since its start in March. While we aren’t committing to specific changes, we want to acknowledge a few key pieces of feedback many of you have shared with us:


  • We know Neo Tokyo (Comic) missed the mark for many of you, which is why we currently have it out of rotation in Competitive Playlists. We’re keeping this feedback in mind as we work on Arenas for future seasons.
  • We’ve seen a lot of feedback about the content in Season 6. Some of you were a little grossed out by the Tooth Scary Wheels, while Nomster in all its forms seems to be a pretty big hit.
  • We’re really excited to see players embrace Nomad, which uses the Merc hitbox, since “The Potato” is a bit of a departure when compared to many of our recent car bodies.
  • Finally, we saw some mixed results with Season 5 Rewards. Many of you were excited to see new Goal Explosions, while others wished we would depart from Rank icons for some reward items while keeping the associated colors around.


Since a lot of this blog touches on player feedback, we want to highlight two threads posted during Season 6 that we’re using to drive changes in Season 7:


  • A thread from earlier in the season highlighted how actions in Rocket League related to using Drops, Blueprints, and Credits could have different default selections. This is something we’re looking to change for Season 7.
  • A freestyler sparked a ton of chatter on Twitter and Reddit about ball speed on different Arena walls. We definitely want uniformity in how fast the ball moves in corners, and we’re hoping to have this fixed in time for Season 7. While we use automated testing throughout Rocket League, this was a blind spot for us that we’re going to address moving forward.


There’s been a healthy amount of conversation around game servers recently as well. While server performance is something we’re always tracking, the best way to help us improve server quality over time is to use the Report Server button in the game client. The more hits we receive through the report function, the more information we have to act on.


As we mentioned in the last Community Update, we are closely watching the new expanded player report reasons. At this time, multiple ban systems are in the works with the intention of handling reports for 'Match Throwing or Griefing' and 'Intentionally Idle'. In order for these systems to help create the best in-game experience, it is vital that players continue to report bad behavior. The more reports we receive, the better we can understand the kind of behavior that prevents Rocket League from being a safe, positive place to play.


Finally, let’s talk about voice chat. We want to thank everyone for your patience, and we’re incredibly happy to have voice chat back in the game, meeting our original goal of turning it on during Season 6. Integrating the new voice chat system into Rocket League, which ties in with our party system, Epic Online Services, as well as parental controls for younger player accounts, was no small effort, and we’re excited to hear your feedback over the coming weeks. Make sure you check out the v2.15 Patch Notes if you have any questions regarding voice chat functionality.


As always, keep the feedback coming on Reddit and in our Discord server, and good luck with the rest of the season!