Known Issues

Listed below are all currently-known issues in Rocket League. We are actively looking into fixes for these for a future patch.

Last Updated: May 26, 2016

Windows Vista and earlier users are unable to connect to games with Error 71

Players who are running Windows Vista or earlier as their OS will notice that they aren’t able to connect to matches and will see a black screen when joining, before they are sent back to the menu and prompted with an Error 71 message. We are actively seeking out a fix for this.

Disable Goal Reset will reset the entire field instead of just the ball

When playing with the Respawn mutator: Disable Goal Reset, you will notice that only the goal replay is skipped instead of just the ball being reset.

Limited Edition items (Carriage Wheels, Holiday Rocket Trails, etc) will not appear if your car does not have a decal equipped

Without a decal equipped, the limited edition items will revert back to their standard/OEM counterparts

[PC] With bloom off and light shafts on, a second player in splitscreen will see light shafts mirrored onto their screen

With the video options Bloom set to Off, and Light Shafts On, the second player will see the first player’s rendered light shafts mirrored onto their screen.

[Xbox One] Players who are using exclusive Rocket Trails in cross-network matches will not show a Rocket Trail or will it emit any sounds

The Xbox One exclusive Rocket Trails don’t have stand-in boosts similar to how the Sweet Tooth shows up as Merc in-game. Due to this you will not see a boost nor will it emit any sound.

[Xbox One] Splitscreen players are unable to see the ball height indicator

The circle and line underneath the ball in splitscreen does not appear for the secondary players.

[Xbox One] When launching Rocket League and entering the menu, you will level up from 0 until your current level.

As soon as you launch into the main menu, the animation and sounds for leveling up will play from 0 until you reach your designated level.

After failing to join a private match, the second search will not follow through

If you press enter to join a private match and it fails, pressing enter/clicking join after making any changes will just close the Name/Pass UI instead of searching.

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