December 9 - March 31

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Turn it up! Rocket League Season 2 is ready to drop the mic on December 9. A new Rocket Pass, arena, competitive season, features, and new items are about to take the stage! Get ready to get loud!

Rocket Pass

Get Rocket Pass Premium and unlock the all-new R3MX, and 70+ tiers of new items, including new items that move to the music!

Player Anthems and Season 2 items

Cue your music! Player anthems play every time you score a goal, make an epic save, or earn MVP honors. Be on the lookout for new music-themed items all season long!

Competitive Rewards

Climb the ranks and earn competitive rewards at the end of the season!


Complete new weekly and season challenges to unlock customization items for free!
Stage 1: Dec. 9
Stage 2: Jan. 6
Stage 3: Feb. 3
Stage 4: Mar. 3


New items have been added to competitive tournament rewards! Join and dominate your bracket!