Known Issues in Rocket League

August 26, 2019     Community News  
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Last Updated: December 16, 2020

Current Known Issues

  • Some players may see a  “Checking Privileges…” message followed by the error "Having problems communicating with the Epic Online Services"
    • While we are working on a fix for this, players may be able to solve the issue on their own by ensuring their console's date and time settings are correct
  • The completed Free Challenges counter is inconsistent with the actual number of Free Challenges completed
  • Players may have trouble trading in Tournament Rewards earned on multiple platforms together

Known Issues fixed in v1.89

  • Fixed a bug causing ‘Party Up’ to be highlighted on the post-match screen instead of Ready Up (Casual) or Find New Match (Competitive)
  • Players will no longer respawn with a power-up ready to use if they are demolished after a goal is scored
  • Fixed a bug causing some players on Xbox and PlayStation to crash when a splitscreen player is added

Known Issues fixed in v1.88

  • [Nintendo Switch] Splitscreen has been fixed and reenabled

Known Issues fixed in v1.85

  • [Xbox One] Fixed the bloom intensity on several different Wheels
  • Corrected stat tracking for double demolitions
  • Bots joining a match in progress will use Boost as normal
  • Fixed trade status of several non-Common items
  • Fixed several bugs preventing Challenges Menu navigation and Challenge claiming

Known Issues fixed in v1.84

  • Fixed the “infinite loading” icon when trying to claim a completed Llama-Rama Challenge
  • Fixed a bug causing “Winner by most Shots” to appear during a Competitive Match and ending it early
  • Fixed Private Match creation, will no longer result in a black screen or repeated Error 71 messages

Known Issues fixed in v1.83

  • The Play Menu will now correctly remember the last chosen Casual Playlist between sessions
  • Fixed stability issues affecting players since the September Update
  • Players should no longer encounter a prolonged loading icon when completing Llama-Rama Challenges
  • Fixed accolades sometimes appearing as “0” in the post-game screen
  • Fixed an issue causing players to rarely load into a match with no opposing team
  • Game Bans now display the correct associated chat logs (when applicable)

Known Issues fixed in v1.82

  • NBA flags now appear correctly when customizing a car
  • Fixed a bug causing team color adjustments to change which preset is being customized
  • Glowing wall cage effect fixed in Mannfield, Farmstead

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