Last Updated: June 9, 2023

Current Known Issues

  • Some players may see a visual box artifact in the middle of Estadio Vida arena
  • Ball indicator no longer appears under the ball when a player goes to Spectator mode and then back to a Team
  • Paint finishes on the Nissan Z are larger than expected
  • [Dropshot] Ball does not do damage after 0:00
  • Bubbly, Fireworks, and Fireworks (Multichrome) Decals appear too bright when equipped to the Nissan Silvia S13 and Nissan Silvia S13 RLE Car Bodies
  • The Ombre Decal for the Nissan Silvia S13 is classified as Common instead of Limited
  • [PC] Party invites sent from players are not received by players while in a Match or Training
  • For some players New Item "None" appears and upon dismissing the pop up and UI navigation stops functioning properly
  • Bugatti Centodieci paint finish changes when focus is moved to an unequipped item
  • [Nintendo Switch] Upon leaving any match the game will randomly freeze forcing players to exit out of the game and restart
  • Some Blueprint thumbnails may disappear when rapidly switching between tabs
  • [Custom Training] Replay may show car being moved across the field after a shot is mirrored
  • Some Boosts may be partially visible to splitscreen players even when it is not being actively used
  • [Nintendo Switch] Accounts with high density inventories (3000+ items) may experience a hang in the Car Customization Body tab
  • [PC] Game does not launch upon initial attempt to boot the game

Known Issues fixed in v2.28

  • Fixed the green coloring on the Octane Hakkaa Decal
  • Fixed the brightness and gloss on the Huntress Decal
  • Performed an optimization pass on Sovereign Heights and Deadeye Canyon (Oasis)
  • Fixed an issue where some players will load the game to a blank UI with no main menu screen
  • Fixed a bug preventing the Palm Tree Topper from appearing in player inventories

Known Issues fixed in v2.27

  • Revised map collision on 'Deadeye Canyon (Oasis)' to bring ball behavior in corners and on walls in line with all other arenas
  • Fixed a bug causing all new item notifications to appear blank
  • [Steam] Fixed a bug related to Steam overlay and being able to purchase Credits in game

Known Issues fixed in v2.26

  • Huntress decal on the Dingo body is not working properly and appears as a broken texture
  • Special Edition Infinite Yankii RL wheels appear as just normal Yankii RL wheels
  • Ranks will be displayed incorrectly when one player leaves the match while the remaining teammates complete it

Known Issues fixed in v2.25

  • Restored Distortion Decal for Takumi in player inventories

Known Issues fixed in v2.23

  • Unable to Upload Custom Training Pack after creating one
  • [PlayStation 4] While playing with a full Splitscreen team in Chaos mode, Rocket League may crash at the end of the match
  • Fixed appearance of trim on multiple Black Painted Car Bodies by making it darker
    • ‘Dominus’
    • ‘Insidio’
    • ‘Imperator DT5’
    • ‘Jager 619 RS’
    • ‘Mantis’
    • ‘Endo’
    • ‘Centio’
    • ‘Animus GP’
    • ‘Guardian GXT’

Known Issues fixed in v2.22

  • [Xbox] At start of matches stuttering/lag occurs for 10 - 20 seconds for some players
  • [Xbox] Fixed a bug preventing some players on Xbox from seeing in-game friend requests, Club invites, and Party invites

Known Issues fixed in v2.21

  • Scoreboard does not update correctly when Players leave and join
  • The Ford Bronco is incorrectly using the Dominus hitbox and not Merc

Known Issues fixed in v2.20

  • Adjusted appearance of several Decals on the Nissan Z so they appear the same way as on other car bodies
  • Updates to Custom Training packs will no longer corrupt pack progress
    • Progress may look incorrect in the training pack browser for some packs, but will appear correctly once the player loads the pack
  • Players who leave a match will no longer show up in the skip goal replay list
  • [Custom Training] UI now updates correctly when controls are changed

Known Issues fixed in v2.19

  • Fixed a bug preventing some players from joining Voice channels

Known Issues fixed in v2.18

  • Fixed a bug preventing some Wheels (Apex, Bionic, Patriarch, and ARMR) from being equipable on some licensed cars like the Nissan Skyline
  • Fixed save data uploads so they do not affect connectivity and/or in-game performance at the start of online matches for some players
  • Adjusted how Decals affect appearance of body trim on Octane so pixelation no longer occurs
  • [Knockout] Adjusted volume of impacts and shield activation in Knockout
  • [Knockout] Fixed a bug causing splitscreen players to be kicked from a Knockout match due to being idle when only one has been eliminated
  • Fixed a bug with Season 6 Rewards Decals not loading properly
  • Fixed appearance of the Season 6 Rewards Decals on the Battle Bus Car Body
  • Fixed classification of the ‘Sizzed’ Decal
  • [All Consoles] Fixed a bug preventing the car and arena grass from appearing in the main menu when a new player completes the intro event
  • Fixed a bug with bot names not going transparent when they leave a match

Known Issues fixed in v2.17

  • Fixed an intermittent freeze bug tied to having a very large number of incoming friend requests on a connected Epic Games account
    • Thank you to SunlessKhan for helping us identify and resolve this bug
    • While this bug is fixed and will no longer affect game performance, you can follow these steps to clear out any pending Epic Games friend requests you may have
  • [Xbox] Fixed Voice Chat so it will no longer randomly mute cross-platform party members
  • The lightning animation now appears correctly when a player enters a match or switches teams mid-match
  • Fixed a loading error with the NASCAR Stewart-Haas Racing #4 Decal

Known Issues fixed in v2.16

  • Fixed positioning of in-game Voice Chat notifications
  • Fixed a focus issue in the Friends List while navigating the Report/Block list
  • [PS, Switch, Xbox] A spectator will sometimes join a team, making uneven teams 
    • This issue was fixed on PC in v2.15

Known Issues fixed in v2.15

  • Fixed appearance of scoreboard from Spectator point of view in Private Matches
  • Display of ping to game servers has been fixed
  • Fixed a visual bug with Spectator names in Private Matches
  • Fixed a bug preventing the “LTM” badge from appearing on the Casual Playlist tile
  • [PC Only] Fixed a rare bug that allowed spectators into some online matches and would place them on the field
    • This will be fixed on consoles in our next planned update

Known Issues fixed in v2.14

  • After completing a match and returning to the main menu, fixed a bug preventing the game client from saving the previous selection for re-queue
  • Fixed a UI bug preventing “Competitive” from appearing above the scoreboard when playing multiple consecutive Competitive matches
  • Fixed a bug preventing access to the Change Mode/Match menu while watching a Replay
  • Fixed a bug preventing chat during trading
  • Dingo Engine Audio volume level has been fixed
  • Fixed a bug with parental control preventing some players from seeing the "Allow All" in-game text chat option

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