Known Issues in Rocket League

August 26, 2019     Community News , Patch Notes  
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Last Updated: October 12, 2021

Current Known Issues

  • The 'Goop XS' and 'Goop SE' Decals appear as placeholder textures
  • While viewing a Replay, the "Change Game Mode" menu cannot be navigated when using a controller
  • [PC] Focus on the game client is occasionally lost
  • Tumbling Blocks Decal is missing some icons
  • [Xbox One] Flashing lights on the ball may be too intense for some players
  • Items received from Drops appearing as "None"
  • [PC] controller may randomly disconnect during gameplay
  • Some Wheels (Apex, Bionic, Patriarch, and ARMR) can not be equipped on some licensed cars like the Nissan Skyline
  • Entering text into the Support A Creator text box make cause Rocket League to soft lock for some players
  • Rarely, players may see Error 58 when trying to join an Auto Tournament match
  • The SARPBC Theme Player Anthem is muted when streamer safe is enabled
  • The grill on Painted Tygris cars may show as unpainted when some non-animated Decals are equipped
  • [PC] When a party member leaves a tournament joined by the party leader, the party leader is rank disparity locked from the recently joined tournament while the remaining party members are closely ranked.
    • This can be fixed if the party leader leaves the party, and reforms
  • [PlayStation, Xbox] May fail to reconnect to PsyNet if launching Rocket League while offline
    • If this occurs, reboot your game or console after online connection has been established
  • [PlayStation 4] While playing with a full Splitscreen team in Chaos mode, Rocket League may crash at the end of the match
  • [Nintendo Switch] Players may experience lower FPS in the main menu
  • [Nintendo Switch] Accounts with high density inventy inventories (3000+ items) may experience a hang in the Car Customization Body tab
  • Party members may not successfully join a Tournament match

Known Issues fixed in v2.06

  • Fixed the appearance of several Decals including Leviathan, Chameleon, and Trigon
  • Fixed a bug causing Esports Shop Decals to cover trim on Painted Car Bodies
  • Fixed a bug with the News Panel

Known Issues fixed in v2.05

  • [PlayStation 5] Fixed a resolution issue causing gameplay to appear blurry for some players
  • Fixed a bug causing FPS settings to change on their own

Known Issues fixed in v2.04

  • [PlayStation 5] Fixed a bug preventing 120 FPS support on the PS5

Known Issues fixed in v2.03

  • Aliasing along the ramp in Deadeye Canyon has been fixed
  • Fixed a bug related to being kicked prematurely from an in-progress Tournament

Known Issues fixed in v2.02

  • Players should no longer see a “duplicate login detected” message in error
  • [Nintendo Switch] To prevent game lock-up, trades are limited to a maximum of 18 items per person, reduced from 24
  • Fixed a bug causing incorrect Rank to display after matches
  • DMCA-protected songs will no longer play if manually selected when Streamer Safe is enabled
  • Fixed a bug preventing Custom Tournaments from appearing in the Tournament Browser
  • Game will no longer lock up if you have a large number of pending friend requests
  • [PC] Fixed a bug preventing interaction with the game after using the “Do Not Disturb” function in the EGS in-game panel

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