Known Issues in Rocket League

August 26, 2019     Community News  
Known Issues in Rocket League Image

Last Updated: June 17, 2020

Current Known Issues

  • After restarting, game may switch to the oldest preset from the preset last used by the player

Known Issues fixed in v1.78

  • Fixed a bug preventing corner Boost Pills not giving players Boost when driven over

Known Issues fixed in v1.76

  • Fixed bug with Quality filter during trade-ins
  • Fixed appearance of ball indicator on Forbidden Temple

Known Issues fixed in v1.75

  • Fixed appearance of several Decals
  • Fixed an issue causing some maps to not appear in Online Matches since v1.74

Known Issues fixed in v1.74

  • Fixed appearance of the Soft Edge Decal on Chikara, Chikara G1, and Chikara GTX

  • Esper’s front-left wheel no longer clips through the wheel support

  • Archive button no longer appears at the bottom of the Blueprints tab
  • Inventory filter no longer resets after previewing a revealed Blueprint

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