Venture to the far reaches of space and experience our FREE new arena, 'Starbase ARC'! This octagonal, semi-standard stadium orbits an enormous (but familiar) planet with each goal punctuated by an interstellar laser show. Look for 'Starbase ARC' in Competitive, Casual, and Private matches.

New Crates
New Crates to unlock


The popular Champion Series continues with all-new exclusive Garage items to help support our esports initiatives! Potentially unlock a new Import Battle-Car, animated Decals, Exotic Wheels, Black Market surprises, and more.

Unlockable Crate Items

  • Rare Item Rare
  • Very Rare Item Very Rare
  • Import Item Import
  • Exotic Item Exotic
  • Black Market Item Black Market


The powerful-yet-nimble Octane ZSR is available exclusively as a limited drop in Champion Series IV Crates! It retains the same hit-box, physics, and turning radii as the iconic Octane we all know so well.

Import Car

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Steam Workshop Level Support

Our first iteration of Steam Workshop support lifts off in December! How creative can you be? Hit up our Steam Community Hub and find out!

Customize Your Training

Practice your aerial skills with the new and oft-requested 'Custom Training' editor feature! Search for your friends' creations and browse the top 50 sequences on your platform of choice.

New Arenas

The new space-themed Starbase ARC arena comes to all playlists. Two classic arenas also receive new variants, with “Wasteland (Night)” and “Utopia Coliseum (Snowy)” dropping into Exhibition and Private matches, plus all Ranked Playlists.

Also In This Update

Free Battle-Car Updates

Veteran Battle-Cars, 'X-Devil' and 'Gizmo', receive fresh redesigns! Classic skins like Lightning, Skulls, Flames, and more also get a recharge.

Free Battle-Car Updates item


Let Arena Preferences influence your online playfield options! “Like” and “Dislike” arenas to increase or decrease the odds of playing them again in online matches.


Color-Blind Support

We've responded to community feedback and added 'Color Blind Mode' to the 'Options' menu. Use it to add high-contrast Orange and Blue shades along with High Contrast Nameplates.

Color-Blind Support item