Rocket League Neo Tokyo Update

Out of the lab... Into the city

Neo Tokyo’s origin began as the popular Rocket Labs arena, Underpass. This was the first arena to have multiple levels and was inspired by feedback from top-level players. Now, it returns with a fantastic visual theme and streamlined gameplay improvements!

Update Available June 20th, Cars Available July 18th

New Vehicle - Masamune
New Vehicle - Esper

The Return of Two Classic Battle-Cars!

Back by popular demand from Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, the jet-inspired Aftershock and monstrous Marauder will retain their original thematic style but also sport a new, more modern visual look.

Both vehicles will be sold separately as digital DLC and as part of a limited time package for Rocket League Collector's Edition.

New Vehicle - Aftershock
New Vehicle - Marauder

New Additions

Trade-in panel screenshot - Trade in 5 items of the same quality to receive an item of the next highest quality

Trade-in System

Trade in duplicate “Uncommon” and “Rare” items. Trading in five items of one quality will return one item of the next highest quality.

Painted + Certified Items

Enjoy new colors for your favorite items
or track special stats with others!

Rare Items

Tons of new decals, Rocket Trails,
and more yet to be discovered!

Season 3 Begins!

The end of Season 2 and the beginning of Season 3 coincides with the June 2016 update.

As part of the update, we will grant the following rewards based on your highest competitive skill tier reached. You will also receive the rewards for all skill tiers below your highest.

Season 2 Rewards

Premium Boosts

Prospect boost animation
Challenger boost animation
Star boost animation
Champion boost animation
Post game spotlight screenshot

Post-game Spotlights

Jump, boost, and spin your Battle-Car on the “Post-Game Spotlights” screen! We’ll also track certain stats and grant each player from the winning team with titles.

Quick chat spotlight screenshot

Expanded Quick Chat Options

Nice Shot! What a Save! Close One! With this update, we’re expanding your options with 27 new “Quick Chats.”