New Premium DLC

Hot Wheels® and Rocket League® join forces this February with two iconic street machines: Bone Shaker™ and Twin Mill™ III (Each car sold separately)!

Hot Wheels® Battle-Cars

Take control of one of the most beloved hot rods of all time, the Hot Wheels® Bone Shaker™ or the world-famous racer, Twin Mill™ III!

Hot Wheels® Decals

Each car comes with six exclusive decals to customize your rides in the Garage. Click each icon below to see them all and see which one best fits your style.

Bone Shaker™

Twin Mill™ III

Free Hot Wheels® Items

ALL players can earn FREE customization items whether you've purchased the DLC or not. The 'Hot Wheels®' and 'Shark Bite™' Toppers, 'Treasure Hunt' flag, and 'Hot Wheels®' Antenna will randomly drop post-match after the update.

Hot Wheels®


Shark Bite™


Hot Wheels®