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Journey into the depths of the sea and compete in AquaDome -- a FREE new arena located at the bottom of the ocean! AquaDome makes a splash on Casual and Competitive Playlists and Private and Exhibition matches.

AquaDome Battle Cars

Two ocean-themed premium DLC cars will debut with AquaDome and will be available for sale separately in the Showroom.

Triton Car
Triton Title

Embrace your inner sea god and rule the high seas with Triton, the AquaDome's sleekest submersible Battle-Car!

Proteus Car
Proteus Title

From the darkest fathoms of the ocean comes Proteus, an imposing deep-sea diver built to handle pressure!


New Crates Title

New Crates
New Crates Title

Our Champion Series continues with all-new exclusive Garage items to help fund our esports initiative! Unlock a new Import Battle-Car, animated Decals, Exotic Wheels and more!

Import Title

Breakout Type-S is a sleek and stylish racer available exclusively as a drop in Champion Series III crates! Expect the same hit-box, physics, and turning radii as the original Breakout.

Import Car
Crate Item Title

Here's a sneak peek at just some of the new items you can potentially unlock in the new Champion Series III Crates!

  • Rare Item Rare
  • Very Rare Item Very Rare
  • Import Item Import
  • Exotic Item Exotic


Hotshot & Road Hog Title

Two of our original vehicles have been given fresh coats of paint in this update!

Hotshot & Road Hog item
Achievements and Trophies Title

Hunt for seven all-new rewards on your platform of choice! How many can you get?

Achievements and Trophies item
Painted Wheels Title

We added an ocean’s worth of dazzling Painted Wheels to track down for this update! Colors for each one include Crimson, Forest Green, Lime, Sky Blue, Cobalt, Saffron, and more!

Painted Wheels item