Hello, drivers! 

Congratulations on completing Rocket League 101! Consider this your acceptance letter welcoming you to the Rocket League Academy. Here at the Rocket League Academy, we want Rocket League players who have the will to succeed on the pitch; from those who can climb the Competitive Ranks to others who can perfect the game's top-tier mechanics. We see great promise in your skills. With the right guidance from Dean Sunlesskhan, you could be the next Supersonic Legend!

Class is already in session, so pick up the controller (or mouse and keyboard) and get ready to learn. The first lesson from Dean Sunlesskhan is on Training & Mentality. This lesson will go over the mindset you'll need to improve your game, curb any frustrations you may be running into, and touch on some drills to try outside of typical Free Play. Check it out above and get to work. 

New lessons will be posted each week throughout the semester, so be sure to stay up on your course schedule. You may even see some lessons from guest professors too. Remember: every game has a winner, but the goal here at the Rocket League Academy is to have fun. Please respect your fellow classmates. 

To complete your registration, please subscribe to the Rocket League YouTube channel. You'll then be notified every time a new lesson is available. We're thrilled to have you here at the Rocket League Academy. Good luck and have fun!