It's Time To Find Your Fortune!

As the sun sets, the spotlights shine brightly into the sky, beckoning racers new and old to assemble at Utopia Coliseum. The flash of cameras illuminates a velvet red carpet, marble floors, and cars decked out in their finest Black Market Decals. Welcome to Season 7!

…Well, actually the season starts June 15, but our Very Important Players will get a sneak peek at what’s to come. A glamorous Rocket Pass will bring a touch of class to your garage, while new Tournament Rewards add a bit of fun. Arenas get a makeover as well, with the new Utopia Coliseum (Gilded) variant. A couple of special features will come to the game later in the season, so make sure to stay till the end!



Season 7 Rocket Pass

The Season 7 Rocket Pass will give players a taste of the finer things in life. Dine on succulent Sushi Roller Wheels while you enjoy the illustrious atmosphere of the animated Aquarium Player Banner. Need an outfit for the occasion? Dress for success with the diamond-laden Carat Cutter Wheels and Gatsby-Esque Marble Floor Decal while showing off your new Kinda Big Deal Player Title

Tired of missing open nets? Well, now you can pay someone to make those shots for you! Introducing Maestro, the ritziest car on the block. Dripping with panache, this stately sedan looks right at home cruising through Beverly Hills or carefully aiming redirects with its Dominus Hitbox.



Golden Gods

The best players deserve the best rewards, that’s why Season 7 is introducing Golden Painted Items. These super rare showpieces can be found in Rocket Pass Pro Tiers, which occur once you’ve reached tier 70. Some of these flashy rewards will require players to reach Tiers as high as 150!



Bonus Features

Aurora borealis at this time of year? No, that’s just the new Utopia Coliseum (Gilded) Arena! With glorious pillars and marbled floors, this is the perfect place to host your next event, as long as that event is Soccar.

Not everything needs to be elegant, though. Take a break from the glitz and glamour to earn new Tournament Rewards! Get old-school with the arcade cabinet-themed Got Next Player Banner, or feel the burn with the flaming Nunya: Roasted Wheels. Fortunate players might even unlock the Black Market Dunker Goal Explosion, a burst of glazed donuts that are guaranteed to start a sugar rush!



Finally, test your fortune with the Select Favorites 2 Series which will begin dropping as Blueprints on June 16, the day after the season begins. Enjoy hand-picked classics including the Dueling Dragons Goal Explosion, hypnotic Zomba Wheels, and the galactic Interstellar Decal.


Coming Up Next

Feel like you’ve reached your skill peak? No need to worry; the upcoming Custom Training Pack Updates will have you reaching levels of cracked-ness never seen before! More details are on their way next week.

Lastly, clear your schedules for this year’s Summer Anniversary LTE celebrating 7 years of Rocket League. Players will have to wait a bit to hear more, but it’s guaranteed to be a showstopper!

Season 7 premieres Wednesday, June 15, following a game update on Tuesday, June 14 at 4pm PDT.