Starting June 20, our massive Neo Tokyo Update will introduce an all-new way to view premium DLC with the “Showroom”  — an easy-to-navigate portal that will allow you to shop for paid content without having to leave the game to do so.

It’s a pretty straightforward system (and a pretty cool-looking visual space), but rather than just tell you about it, we’ve made this animated GIF below to show off how it works.

Cool, right?

When it releases next week, the Showroom will contain all previously-released content to browse through and buy, and will continue to expand in size over time as we continue to add more items.

For example, the four Battle-Cars that initially come with the Collector’s Edition (Aftershock, Esper, Marauder, Masamune) will be available digitally through the Showroom on July 18.

Hope you like the new feature and we look forward to hearing your reactions to this and all of our other additions when the Neo Tokyo Update hits next Monday!