Training Pack Refresh 11-30-21

When you aren't on your Ranked grind in Rocket League, the main way to improve your skills are the Custom Training Packs that are refreshed each month, or trying new moves in Free Play. Thanks to an update last month, Free Play now has new ways to control the ball to give players more realistic and random scenarios to react to. 

With the new Free Play ball controls you can control the ball in five different ways with the push of a button: 

  • Take Possession: Places the ball in front of your car

  • Start Dribble: Places the ball on the hood of your car

  • Pass Ball: Sends the ball towards your car

    • Sometimes the pass will be just left or right of your car, depending on the angle and position.

  • Launch Ball: Behaves similarly to tip-off in Hoops

  • Defend Shot: Shoots the ball towards the closest goal

The default buttons to activate these ball controls may clash with your default controls, so be sure to check out the button assignments in settings. 

When you want a more tailored challenge that helps improve a specific skill, check out the Custom Training Packs that are designed by members of the community. We try to include packs that appeal to all different Ranks from Silver all the way to high Grand Champ, so there's something for everyone. Take a look at the new featured Training Packs in the screenshot above, and in-game.

Good luck improving your skills and hitting that dream Rank in Season 5!