Since the Blueprint Update release last week, we have pored over all of your comments on Discord, Reddit, Twitter, and beyond. We have heard your feedback that Item Shop and Blueprint pricing did not meet community expectations. After carefully reviewing all the data available to us, we're making the following changes, starting today:

Item Pricing Reductions

Reduced the base price ranges of Item Rarities (before attributes like Paint) to the following values:

  • Rare: 50-100 Credits

  • Very Rare: 100-200 Credits

  • Import: 300-500 Credits

  • Exotic: 700-800 Credits

Item Attributes

Paint and Special Editions now add less cost across the board, based on rarity:

  • Most Paint Colors: 50-200 additional Credits

  • Burnt Sienna: 0 additional Credits

  • Titanium White: 100-500 additional Credits

  • Special Editions: 200-400 additional Credits

Occasionally, special items will have custom pricing that varies from the above guidelines.

For in-game purchases made between December 4 and December 11 (today) at 12:00 p.m. PST (8:00 p.m. UTC) we will add Credits equal to any difference in price directly to your account. For example, purchasers of Crimson Fennec will receive 500 Credits back today, as a Crimson Fennec now costs 700 instead of 1200 Credits. This price adjustment is a one-time only event, and only applies to purchases made between December 4 and December 11.

These Credit returns will be complete within the next few hours. There will be no in-game display explaining this change. Players with any questions or concerns about recent purchases may contact our Customer Care team.

We always take feedback from our passionate community seriously, and we hope that this change in pricing reflects that. As always, thank you for being part of what makes Rocket League what it is today.

To see what else is included in today’s update, check out the patch notes here.