Hot Like Fire, Cool Like Ice

Long held in place by an ancient seal, the dragons of Forbidden Temple Arena have finally awoken from their slumber. As the two resume their eternal battle, these legendary beasts have left a treasure trove of elemental Items in their wake.

Discover the secrets of a long-lost Rocket Pass, unearth Forbidden Temple (Fire & Ice), and harness the power of the Emperor Car in Season 9, starting December 7!



An Elemental Rocket Pass

While dragons may claim the skies above, the Arena is ruled by a different breed of beast. Wrought from the elements, the Emperor muscle car comes to Rocket League with four different versions! The base car is available immediately with Rocket Pass Premium, and working through the Tiers will unlock the upgraded Emperor II

Two more Special Edition versions will be available in the Pro Tiers. Emperor II: Frozen brings chill vibes to your sweatiest matches, or you can light up the Arena with Emperor II: Scorched. All versions of Emperor will use the Breakout Hitbox and are available in Rocket Pass Premium.

After you’ve got the new car, you’ll need some Items to go with it! Fans of the Interstellar Decal will be starstruck by the constellation-inspired Constella Decal, while the fire and ice theme continues with two sets of Special Edition Wheels. Equip the Piercer: Crystalized Wheels to freeze out the competition, or slip into the Forerunner: Roasted Wheels for your next barn burner.

Missed out on 2017’s Dragon Banner Season Rewards? You’ll have another chance to feed your draconic side with the Ice Drake and Fire Drake Player Banners.

Those who venture into the Rocket Pass Pro Tiers can earn two new Goal Explosions. Unleash the fury of fire with the Brimstone Goal Explosion at Tier 95, or unlock the Ice Age Goal Explosion at Tier 115 to put the world on freeze. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg—just like Season 5's Cosmosis Goal Explosion, both these effects will spread across the Arena, briefly covering the pitch in fire or ice whenever you score! 



Play With Fire, Break The Ice

We finally found out why the Forbidden Temple is so, well… forbidden. With both dragons let loose, the once lush Arena has been transformed into a wasteland of permafrost and molten lava. Despite the damages, Forbidden Temple (Fire & Ice) seems like the perfect place for a friendly game of Soccar! 



Tournament Rewards

This Season’s Tournament Rewards really bring the heat. Leave a trail of flames behind you with the Seared Trail and Fireball Boost. But first, you’ll need something to burn, and the Oil Can Antenna has all the fuel you’ll ever need.

For the truly lucky, this Season’s Black Market Rewards bring out the fiery side of competition. Light up the night with an incendiary Fire Clap Goal Explosion, or tap into something monstrous with the Skulking Scale, an animated Decal that mixes glittering crystal with the scales of a dragon. 



Secrets of the Temple

After the devastation of the temple grounds, we discovered several ancient tomes amongst the rubble. Their true meaning has yet to be unlocked, but so far we’ve deciphered two short messages: Frosty Fest will bring extremely chill vibes, and Neon Nights is returning with the hottest beats ever! Our trained Psyonix Archeologists will report back with more info soon.

Season’s end also means Season 8 Tournament Credits will reset. Players who participated in Competitive Tournaments during Season 8 will receive an All-Star Cup reward. Unspent Tournament Credits will be converted to the highest level reward a player is eligible to earn based on their Tournament Rank and Tournament Credit amount. This conversion will happen automatically the first time you log into Season 9.


Keep your thermostat close—Season 9 begins Wednesday, December 7!