As Night Falls, the Streets Come to Life 

Welcome to the underground world of Neo Tokyo: Aftermarket. While most of the population lives comfortably with their daily drivers, the car culture of Neo Tokyo has always craved something a bit more bold.

Custom is king in this neighborhood, and many local tuner shops have designed their own Decal Packs for Dingo, Breakout, Fennec, Dominus, and Octane. With exotic materials and eye-catching artwork, these Items can transform your ride into the drift car of your dreams.

These streets are yours, now go and take them. Neo Tokyo: Aftermarket will take place from March 20 to April 3!


Dingo, Fennec, and Dominus flying though Neo Tokyo Arena with new Neo Tokyo: Aftermarket Decals and Wheels.

Aftermarket Decals

Building your perfect ride takes time, but Neo Tokyo has something for everyone… IF you know where to look. New Item Packs will hit the Aftermarket Item Shop Tab every two days, with the Fennec Tokyo Decal Pack leading the charge on March 20.

Many of these new Items are inspired by the sights and signage of Neo Tokyo itself. Dig into the Bob’s Ramen Fennec Decal, or show love to our favorite long-eared DJ with the Buffy-Sugo Dingo Decal! Octane, Fennec, and Breakout will turn heads with their new neon-lit Huntress versions of the MG-88, Nitty-Gritty, and Turbo Decals, while Dominus welcomes the dark mode Shinjuku Decal

A few Packs also come with new Megafrost and Ultraheat Decals. These shiny wraps give a color-shifting, metallic feel that morphs depending on which angle you see it. You’ll also be able to pair these flashy Decals with new Multichrome, Radiant, and Infinite Items! 

Got your eye on something specific? Many of these Items will be rotating through the Featured Shop for individual purchase. 

Not everything needs to be a Pack, and these Items stand alone. The Neo-Viral Jäger 619 Decal mixes dark and bright designs, while the Danpa Masamune Decal features an animated “Dance Party” ticker and octogirl graphic. For the finishing touch, add a powerful pop of color with the Ultralex: Radiant or OEM: Infinite Wheels!


March 20 - April 3: Fennec Tokyo Decal Pack (1100 Credits)

  • Bob’s Ramen Decal

  • Neo-LL37 Decal

  • Nitty-Gritty Huntress Decal

  • Shinjuku Decal

March 22 - April 3: Multichrome Customization Pack (800 Credits)

  • Flutterby: Multichrome Universal Decal

  • Hanasha JRL: Multichrome Wheels

  • Pixelated Shades: Multichrome Topper

March 24 - April 3: Dominus Tokyo Decal Pack (800 Credits)

  • Megafrost Decal

  • Neo-Star Decal

  • Shinjuku Decal

March 26 - April 3: Dingo Tokyo Decal Pack (1100 Credits)

  • Buffy-Sugo Decal

  • Figurator Huntress Decal

  • Neo-Ghost Decal

  • Ultraheat Decal

March 28 - April 3: Octane Tokyo Decal Pack (800 Credits)

  • Hakkaa Decal

  • MG-88 Huntress Decal

  • Ultraheat Decal

March 30 - April 3: Breakout Tokyo Decal Pack (500 Credits)

  • Megafrost Decal

  • Turbo Huntress Decal

Single Items

  • March 20 - 21 & March 30 - 31: OEM: Infinite Wheels  (700 Credits)

  • March 28 - 29: Ultralex: Radiant Wheels (700 Credits)

  • March 30 - 31: Neo-Viral Jäger 619 Decal (300 Credits)

  • March 30 - 31:  Danpa Masamune Decal  (300 Credits)


Image showing four cars playing Boomer Ball

Limited Time Modes

Now you have the style, but do you have the skills? Throughout Neo Tokyo: Aftermarket, players can pit themselves against two Limited Time Modes! Oh, and you’ll be earning big points while you play. 2XP will be in effect from March 20 to April 3, offering double XP in all Online Matches!

First up is Boomer Ball from March 20 to March 27! With increased Ball Speed and Bounciness, this 3v3 LTM requires lightning-quick reflexes. Players will also get a faster Boost so they can keep up with the Rocket Ball! 

Next up is Beach Ball! This sun-drenched LTM uses regular 2v2 rules, but with a twist—the Rocket Ball curves when you hit it! Use the lighter ball to your advantage and try to aim around your unsuspecting opponents. Play Beach Ball from March 27 to April 1. 


These parts won't be in stock forever, so grab them while you can! Neo Tokyo: Aftermarket Decal Packs will be available in the Item Shop until April 3.

Editor's Note March 27, 2023: The Dominus Tokyo Decal Pack was mistakenly sold for 1000 Credits, but was reduced in price to 800 Credits. If you purchased the Pack at its original price, 200 Credits will be automatically refunded to your account.