Training Pack Refresh 7/29/21 

Summer is still upon us, and we're updating Rocket League's featured training packs so players can beat the heat. Starting today, check out the new user-made training packs in the Training menu. This month's featured list will help you improve your ground game, whether it's on offense or defense. 

Get your wheels on the ground and start working on your shot accuracy and your epic saves. This collection includes packs for all different ranks, so try them out and work your way through the competition and reach your dream Rank!

If you're still looking for ways to improve your Rocket League skills, be sure to check out our two series with SunlessKhan: Rocket League 101 and Rocket League Academy! Sunless breaks down the basics in Rocket League 101, and then graduates to higher level play in Rocket League Academy. Check them out, study up, improve!