New Training Pack

Greetings, students. By now you've taken your first course in SunlessKhan's Rocket League Academy. But, this is just the beginning of your higher Rocket League education. Be on the lookout for new lessons and strategies to help you step up your game and climb the competitive Ranks. Just because we're in between lessons doesn't mean you can slack off. Hit the featured Training Packs to help you master those moves that have been giving you problems. 

The in-game featured Training Packs have been refreshed to include some of the mechanics you'll be working on throughout your time at the Rocket League Academy. Focus on aerial offense like air dribbles, double touches, and flip resets. Make sure not to forget about defense with moves like shadowing and backboard clears. Perfect these strategies and more in the new featured Training Packs. 

New Rocket League Academy episodes will go live each week throughout the next several months, so be sure to follow Rocket League on Twitter, and subscribe to our YouTube channel to check out the latest episodes as soon as they go live. We'll see you in class!