Hi everyone. We wanted to update you about the fixes we’ve been working on for the issues reported since the Tournaments Update went live. We’ve been hard at work on a hotfix, and we plan to release it Wednesday, April 11 at 2pm PDT (5pm EDT, 11pm CEST) on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Nintendo Switch will follow a few days after given the additional certification time required for that platform. Due to this staggered rollout, cross-platform play will be temporarily unavailable for Nintendo Switch players until the hotfix goes live on that system.

We apologize for the scope and severity of the problems in this update. We had hoped that our Tournaments Beta on PC (which was built from the same code branch as the final Tournaments Update release) would have revealed more of these issues. Unfortunately, it didn't uncover everything and we're discussing how to better operate our Public Beta Tests going forward so that we can maximize our chances of finding issues before release. We are also working with our quality assurance teams to better replicate the live environment for their purposes.

To thank the community for your patience while we work through these problems, we will be granting three Decryptors to every player who’s logged in since the Tournaments Update went live. The Decryptors should appear in eligible accounts on Friday, and we will let you know on social once they’ve been delivered. We’ll also be running a Double Drop-Rate Weekend soon and we’ll announce a date once we’re confident the major issues have been resolved.

Server Performance

Our top priority right now (in addition to releasing the hotfix ASAP) is investigating reports of new server issues that cropped up with the release of our Tournaments Update. Because not all players and servers are being affected, we are still researching the root cause. As we learn more, we will update the community with our findings and timeline for a fix.

We are also looking into what additional tools we can provide players, like a way to report problem servers while playing as well as real-time network stats in the game client. These tools will compliment the Connection Quality Indicators we included in the Tournaments Update to give you as much information as possible when troubleshooting server or network issues.

Upcoming Hotfix Patch Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused stuttering in the game client when secure TCP sockets are closed down
  • Fixed a memory leak that could cause crashes on Nintendo Switch
  • Fixed an issue where Boost visual FX would (rarely) not activate correctly
  • Fixed Alpha Reward Boost appearing differently than it did before the Tournaments Update
  • Connection Quality Indicators will no longer incorrectly persist into Offline Matches or Training
  • Various wheels will no longer appear smaller than they did before the Tournaments update
  • Scoreboard
    • Fixed incorrect avatars showing for players who have joined the game in-progress and/or replaced an AI bot
    • Fixed other players appearing to have the same rank as you in the post-game screen in Competitive matches
  • Trading
    • Fixed players being unable to remove items from a full Trade Window
    • Fixed trades failing if they contained Painted or Certified items currently equipped in a Preset
  • Common Items will no longer show as Trade Held or Untradeable in the Garage
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the game client to only send 30 frames of input per second even if the game was running at 60+
  • [Steam] HTML tags will no longer affect player names


  • Extended the range at which the volume of other cars drops off to make them more audible from further away
  • Rebalanced overall audio mix based on feedback

Controller Vibration

  • Increased the intensity of “Medium” and “Heavy” Controller Vibration
  • Wireless Xbox 360 controllers will now vibrate while boosting
    • We recommend that Xbox 360 Controller users opt for “Heavy” if they want consistent vibration while boosting

Network Settings

  • Server Send Rate, Client Send Rate, and Bandwidth Limit now all default to “High”

Known Issues

  • During Goal Replays, your local car’s audio may sound too loud relative to the rest of the match
  • For a few specific Wheel & Body combinations, the body’s axles may clip through the front or rear wheels