Rocket League is, among other things, about connecting players all over the world in friendly online competition. Our servers -- 57,000 and counting spread across ten unique server regions -- and how you connect to them are some of the most important aspects of our game’s ecosystem. We’re constantly working with our server providers to offer you the best online play experience possible.

As part of the upcoming Tournaments Update, we’re rolling out a new set of client-side connection quality indicators that will tell you what kind of connection issues you’re currently experiencing mid-match. That means that there will no longer be a single 'Red Triangle of Death' on the right side of your screen to cover all of the bases. You’ll also see a ‘!’ pop up next to your ping on the Scoreboard if one or more of these indicators are active while you’re playing. If the connection issue persists, you'll also get a pop-up in the Main Menu confirming the connection issue type.

The four indicators are:

  • Server Health: When the server itself is experiencing issues, like eating up too much memory
  • Packet Loss: Data being transferred between you and the server is lost

  • Latency Variance: When your ping isn’t holding steady, typically fluctuating 40ms-60ms
  • High Latency: Commonly known as “lag,” usually indicated by a high ping to the server

By splitting up connection issues into these four types, you’ll be able to address whatever issue you’re running into more quickly and with more information on hand. You’ll also be able to take this directly to our Customer Care team, who can potentially help you troubleshoot issues even faster.

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