Unlock Rewards at Supersonic Speed  

Hitting Tier 70 takes plenty of dedication, but it's about to become a lot easier with Season Rush! This week-long Event is a new way to quickly level your Rocket Pass by completing Season Rush challenges. Each challenge instantly boosts you by one Tier, so it’s perfect for climbing your way towards high-tier items like the Lotus Bloom Goal Explosion.

Already hit Tier 70? Now’s the time to stock up on Pro Tier Rewards! Remember that the painted and special edition items in these tiers are tradable, so you and your friends can swap parts for the perfect preset. 


Season Rush Challenges

  • Play 5 Online Matches

  • Get 7 First Touches in Online Matches

  • Win 2 Matches of  Speed Demon

  • Get 3,000 total points in Online Matches

  • Get 7 Assists in Online Matches

  • Win 5 Online Matches (Repeatable)

Speed Demon

Tier progression isn’t the only thing speeding up around here. Throughout Season Rush, the Speed Demon LTM will put your reaction time to the test. In this variant of Boomer Ball, your Boost is extra strong, and it never runs dry! The Rocket Ball has increased size and speed to match, but lower bounciness. As if that wasn’t enough, Demolitions are easier, but a 1-second respawn timer means you can jump right back into the action.

Buckle your seatbelts—Season Rush will be live from May 23 to 29!