We announced the arrival of the Item Shop when we first revealed Blueprints, and there's plenty to unveil prior to December's update. The Item Shop coming to Rocket League is an all-new way to browse in-game items to buy the exact item you've been looking for. Here's a rundown of important information you'll need to know...

To start, the Showroom is out and the Item Shop is in. The Item Shop will be accessible from the main menu. Here, you'll see Featured items on a 48-hour timer and Daily items on a 24-hour timer. Once the timer expires, new items will enter the Shop. The Item Shop will include all types of in-game items for Rocket League, like Painted Cars, Player Banners, Exotic Wheels, Goal Explosions and everything in between.

Each item will have a listed Credit value that will show how much the item costs to purchase. Prior to purchasing, you'll see if that item is a Painted, Certified, and/or Special Edition variant; which means, for example, you'll know you're getting a Titanium White car and what it costs before you buy it.

As we shared in our previous announcement, Keys that are still in your inventory on the day of the update will be converted to Credits. Each Key will convert to 100 Credits that can be used in the Item Shop, to build items from Blueprints, or upgrade to Rocket Pass Premium. You can buy packs of Credits just like you could Keys, plus you can earn them in Rocket Pass Premium. Here are the packs that will be available for purchase:

  • 500 Credits - $4.99 USD or region equivalent

  • 1100 Credits - $9.99 USD or regional equivalent

  • 3000 Credits - $24.99 USD or regional equivalent

  • 6500 Credits - $49.99 USD or regional equivalent

Following next month's update, all Premium DLC Packs will no longer be available for purchase. If you already own any items from the DLC Packs, you will still have those items in your inventory. Items from Premium DLC Packs may return for individual sale in the Item Shop at a later date. As for Esports Shop Items, those will still have their own space in the Esports Shop tab and will continue to be available for Esports Tokens.

Between Blueprints and the Item Shop, there's a lot of new content coming to Rocket League in the next month. We hope you've been keeping up with all the latest info and you're ready to take to the field in December and the new year!

Editor’s Note: The conversion from Keys to Credits has been updated. See the updated conversion below:

Total Keys In Inventory = Credits Per Key

1-9 Keys = 100 Credits

10-19 Keys = 110 Credits

20-49 Keys = 120 Credits

50 or more Keys = 130 Credits