The cars of Rocket League can boost, jump, and fly, but now they can dance! With the new Bumblebee Car, players can watch their ride stand up and celebrate on the Post-Game Spotlight screen. Alongside the car, the Transformers Bundle comes with everything you need to claim victory over the Decepticon threat.

The Transformers Bundle rolls out June 14 - 27!



Whether you’re racing through the streets of Cybertron or hitting redirects in the Arena, the Bumblebee Car is your new best friend. This first-of-its-kind Rocket League car features a little secret hidden under its yellow and black striped hood! After you win a match, the car converts into Bumblebee’s robot mode before jumping into a random celebration animation. Oh, and watch out—there’s a rare animation that can only happen when you win MVP.

The Transformers Bundle comes with the Bumblebee Car and so much more. Join the Transformers with two themed Player Titles, an animated Blueprint Bumblebee Player Banner, and a roaring Engine Audio that would put Grimlock to shame!

Looking for more of an 80’s vibe? Tune in to the “Transformers Theme” Player Anthem! Pairing this with the Optimus Prime Goal Explosion is the perfect way to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons once and for all.


Transformers Bundle (2500 CREDITS)

  • Bumblebee Car (Dominus Hitbox)

  • Bumblebee Engine Audio

  • Bumblebee Wheel

  • Optimus Prime Goal Explosion

  • Blueprint Bumblebee Player Banner

  • Two Transformers-themed Player Titles


Optimus Prime Goal Explosion (800 CREDITS)

  • Optimus Prime Goal Explosion


Transformers Player Anthem (300 CREDITS)

  • “Transformers Theme” Player Anthem

*Note: The Bumblebee vehicle does not convert during gameplay. The Vehicle will convert into Robot mode and play a random Post-Game Spotlight animation upon winning a match. Robot mode is not controllable. The Engine Audio and Wheel included in this bundle can only be equipped with the Bumblebee vehicle. The Bumblebee vehicle color is locked to yellow and can only be customized with Boost, Trail, and Goal Explosion items.   


Get Ready! The Transformers are coming June 14 - 27!