All Styles Are Welcome at the House of Sovereign

Competitive players get their Esports, freestylers get their invitationals, but what about the Rocket League trendsetters of the world? That’s where the Fit Check Community Contest comes in! Submit your dopest preset designs for the chance to win exclusive in-game rewards, plus an appearance on the Rocket League website to immortalize your extraordinary fashion sense.

Submissions begin today, so let’s dive right in!

Rules of the Runway

Calling all hypebeasts! Season 8 is all about the freshest looks, so the theme for this contest will be “Streetwear.” Whether you’re inspired by booming beats, underground fashion, or the noble pursuit of immaculate drip, we’re here for it.

Players can submit screenshots of their own favorite Preset by tweeting @RocketLeague #RLFitCheckContest, #FitCheckContest or #RLFitCheck on Twitter, posting on Instagram with the hashtag #FitCheckContest, or submitting to the Fit Check Contest channel within the Rocket League Discord.

Feel free to take action shots in-game or set up a Private Match so you can line up the perfect background!



  • Can only use in-game content

  • Must be taken in Sovereign Heights Arena

  • Call out the Items used in your preset

  • Add the hashtag #RLFitCheckContest, #FitCheckContest or #RLFitCheck when you submit on Twitter, Instagram or our #fit-check-contest Discord channel

  • In-game Screenshots only with no watermarks

    • ReplayFX is encouraged! No 3d renders, 3rd party apps, editors, etc. 


Each month, five fashionable winners will be selected by Psyonix Staff. These special rewards can ONLY be obtained by Fit Check winners, so make sure to hit the street in your most dazzling duds! Player Titles will be given out when winners are revealed, while Player Banner and Rocket Pass rewards will be awarded at the end of Season 8.

  • “Style Icon” Player Title

  • “Style Icon” Player Banner

  • Rocket Pass Premium code for Season 9

  • Your screenshot highlighted on the Season 8 Rocket Pass Page


Fit Check will be split into three waves, which means three chances to win big! Only one submission will be accepted per player per wave, and if you win, you cannot participate again. (Note: Winner announcement dates are subject to change.)

  • Wave 1 submissions due October 10

    • Wave 1 winners announced October 17

  • Wave 2 submissions due November 1

    • Wave 2 winners announced November 11

  • Wave 3 submissions due November 18

    • Wave 3 winners announced December 2


Season 8’s Fit Check Community Contest starts now!

You can read the complete rules for the Fit Check community contest here.

Editors Note 10/26/22: Originally, we planned to announce the Wave 2 and 3 winners on November 4 and 23. We've updated the dates to create a two-week window between the submission deadline and the winner announcement, allowing more time for players to respond.

New Winner Announcement Dates:
Wave 2: November 11
Wave 3: December 2