Following the introduction of Steam Workshop support as part of the Starbase ARC update, talented modders in the Rocket League community have been creating levels that range from dance floors to obstacle courses.

In this Steam Workshop Spotlight, we check out a level from the veteran Rocket League modder “French Fries.” He’s garnered over 110,000 subscriptions to his “Obstacle Course 1” level, making it the most subscribed to map currently available. A quick look at the Rocket League Workshop shows that French Fries’ creations hold three of the top ten spots in the Top Rated All Time list as obstacle-based levels are clear favorites among players who are trying to challenge their abilities.

Originally played prior to the integration of Steam Workshop for Rocket League, “Obstacle Course” has anchored its position as the original favorite community map. Consisting of 4 progressing difficulty levels, Obstacle Course allows a broad range of players to challenge both their aerial and freestyling abilities.

While there is no integrated timer, Obstacle Course has inspired many enthusiasts to increase the intensity as they race through the courses in an attempt to finish with the fastest time possible, creating an emergent speed running movement within the Rocket League community.

If you have any Steam Workshop levels ready to be shared to the Rocket League masses, check out the Psyonix Workshop uploading guide so you can introduce your own creations to the Rocket League Workshop.

[Top Video Credit: JHZER]