Season 12 has entered the home stretch, and Season Rush is back to help you unlock whatever Rocket Pass Tiers remain between you and your goals for the end of the Season!

Season Rush is longer than ever before, with more Challenges – and Challenge Rewards – than ever before as well! Complete Challenges to earn Level-Ups and Customization Items like the Pressurance Wheels, Beanie Topper…or load up on bread before kickoff with the Carb Paint Finish. See the full list of Challenges below.

  • Hit the ball 30 times in Online Matches
  • Get a Goal and a Win in 3 Online Matches
  • Get 2,000 total Points in Online Matches
  • Get 35 Clears or Centers
  • Play 15 Online Matches  
  • Get 7 Saves in Online Matches
  • Gain 3 XP Levels
  • Score 10 Goals in Online Matches
  • Hold the other team to zero Goals in an Online Match
  • Win 3 Online Matches in a row
  • Get an Assist and a Save in 15 Online Matches
  • Win 10 Online Matches (Repeatable Challenge)

Image showing four cars playing Boomer Ball

Boomer Ball is back as the first Season Rush LTM now through November 27, followed by Dropshot Rumble from November 27 through December 1.

Hop in Rocket League now – Season Rush is live from November 20 through December 1!