We are only a few days away from the start of Rocket League’s glamorous Season 7. Before we all strike a pose in the Gilded variant of Utopia Coliseum, we want to share some details on changes coming to Custom Training on June 14 alongside the game update.

We’ve read through a ton of your feedback when it comes to Custom Training, and with this week’s update we finally had a chance to bring some highly-requested quality of life adjustments to the system. Read on for a preview of what’s coming!



Training Pack Progression

With Season 7, we are changing up how you can navigate and progress through training packs:

Choose Your Path: Progress on packs no longer requires you to complete shots in a specific order. You’ll be able to jump around from shot to shot, and complete a pack however you see fit. Is that third shot giving you trouble? Skip over to the fourth shot, and circle back later. (We’ll explain more about this below.)

What a Save! We’re adding training pack progress to save data, so you can work on as many shots and as many packs as you want. Make some progress, take a break, and come back later without having to restart packs from zero.

Reset Button: Completed a pack that you want to take a fresh look at? No problem. Hit Pause, and you can reset progress on any training pack you’ve started or completed.



Shot Navigation and Shot Mirroring

We’ve taken note of what players want (especially those on PC), so we’re bringing a bunch of shot navigation changes into Rocket League. Controls for everything below will appear below the progress bar.

Next and Previous Shot: You can now move freely between shots in a training pack – no need to complete them in a specific order.

Select Shot: A simple press and hold will bring up a new drop-down menu that allows you to freely pick which shot in the pack you want to practice.

Shuffle Shots: Want to mix it up? Hit the Shuffle Shots button to randomize the shot order.

Shot Mirroring: With the press of a button, you can mirror a shot to the opposite side of an arena. Working on weak side strikes and saves has never been easier. Mirroring works on all Arenas available in Custom Training. This may not always be the case when new Arenas are introduced in the future, depending on shape, size, and other factors.



Menu and Interface Changes

With all the new functionality, we’ve made a few adjustments to the menus and interfaces tied into Custom Training:

History Repeats Itself: In the Custom Training menu, a new “History” tab has been added next to the “Created” tab. We’ve had the functionality for the History tab turned on in the background for some time now, so your recent training pack history should be populated as soon as your game client is updated. You can also add any packs in the History tab to your favorites list.

Pause Menu Changes: From here, you can reset progress on a training pack, and you can also hit “End Training” to see the progress made on the pack.

End Training: From here, you can jump back into the pack, change to a different game mode, change the training pack, or go back to the main menu.

Finally, two really important reminders:

  • With new functionality comes new controls! Want to change up the inputs for Shuffle Shots, Mirroring, and beyond?

    • Load into a Custom Training pack

    • Go to Settings -> Controls -> View/Change Bindings

    • Scroll to the very bottom, and you will see the new inputs right below controls for Knockout

  • Have you created Custom Training packs in Rocket League? No need to worry! All existing packs can take advantage of all the new controls and changes, no adjustments necessary.


We’re really excited about all the changes coming to Custom Training, and we can’t wait to see you all in game at the start of Season 7. Let us know what you think of the Custom Training changes on our subreddit, and in the official Rocket League Discord server. Thanks, everyone!