Hey guys!  We’ve heard your feedback about Rocket League‘s Competitive Matchmaking for Season 2 and have taken some steps to address it.  We wanted to give you a sneak preview of the changes while we put the finishing touches on the next update we’re hard at work on.

First, we read all of the concerns about not feeling a sense of progression in Season 2.  While we stand by our decision to move away from the constant feedback of point gain and loss from individual matches, we do feel that the current lack of visibility on where you stand within a Skill Tier is a problem.  To address this, we’ve added a Division indicator along with your Skill Tier, as you can see in this image:

There are five divisions in each Skill Tier – Division I, II, III, IV, and V, with each representing roughly 20% of the skill range in that tier.  You will progress through them sequentially, with Division I being the lowest and Division V the highest.  When you’re in Division V, you know you’re close to promotion, and vice versa with Division I.

For players in the highest skill tier, instead of seeing a division number, you will see your actual Skill Rating regardless of if you are in the Top 100.  Your skill rating will also appear on the League Rankings screen so you can easily gauge how far you have to go to reach the Top 100.

Second, we want to fix two specific problems for players at the highest level of skill, currently in “Champion” tier:

  1. The Champion Tier includes too wide of a range of player skills, and lacks the aspirational goal of reaching “Platinum” in Season 1.
  2. Players in the Champion tier, but outside of the Top 100, have no way to gauge how far they have to go to reach the leaderboards.

To address the first issue, we’re expanding the Skill Tiers to add more distinction at the highest levels of competitive play.  Champion is now three ranks – Champion, Super Champion, and Grand Champion.  The Star tier has been shuffled slightly as a result, so if you were in All-Star, Superstar, or Champion divisions, you may see your Skill Tier name and icon change with the update.  The new hierarchy looks like this:

As for players in the Top Division (now “Grand Champion”) who aren’t in the Top 100, we will be displaying your Skill Rating in place of a divisional indicator.  All players in Grand Champion will see their Skill Rating both on the playlist screen and on the League Rankings display so they can easily gauge their progress towards breaking into the Top 100.

For those of you who want to see some number comparisons, we’ve got you covered!  Currently, Champion tier contains 0.91% of all Competitive players who have played their ten placement matches.  In the Competitive Standard playlist (3v3) specifically, 1775 players are in the Champion tier.

Under the new tiers:

  • Champion (Rank 13/15) contains 0.21% of all current Competitive players
  • Super Champion (Rank 14/15) contains 0.10% of all current Competitive players
  • Grand Champion (Rank 15/15) contains 0.07% of all current Competitive players.

As you can see, the three Champion ranks are a very exclusive and prestigious club!  

We hope these changes will address some of your concerns with Season 2 and look forward to releasing this update as soon as we can!