As we wrap up a nostalgia filled season on grassy Farmstead, Wasteland, and Mannfield Arenas, we have some fresh Season 13 Competitive Rewards for you. For the first time players have the opportunity to earn Beat-Synced Decals as Season Rewards. These Decals react to whatever track you’re jamming to in-game, so pump it up and enjoy!

Quick reminder, if you’re not quite sure how Season Rewards work - Make sure you complete your ten placement matches to be placed in a rank, and then fulfill your appropriate Season Reward Level at that rank (10 wins for each rank beginning with Bronze). 

Like past seasons, Season 13 Rewards will also grant Titles for players at the Grand Champion and Supersonic Legend Rank. Here's the complete Season Rewards Breakdown:


  • Bronze I or higher: S13 – Bronze Beat-Synced Decal
  • Silver I or higher: S13 –  Silver Beat-Synced Decal + lower rewards
  • Gold I or higher: S13 – Gold Beat-Synced Decal + lower rewards
  • Platinum I or higher: S13 – Platinum Beat-Synced Decal + lower rewards
  • Diamond I or higher: S13 – Diamond Beat-Synced Decal + lower rewards
  • Champion I or higher: S13 – Champion Beat-Synced Decal + lower rewards
  • Grand Champion I: S13 – Grand Champion Beat-Synced Decal + lower rewards
  • Supersonic Legend: S13 – Supersonic Legend Beat-Synced Decal + lower rewards


  • Competitive Grand Champion: "S13 GRAND CHAMPION" in Crimson text
  • Rumble Grand Champion: "S13 RNG CHAMP" in Crimson text
  • Hoops Grand Champion: "S13 DUNK MASTER" in Crimson text
  • Snow Day Grand Champion: "S13 BLIZZARD WIZARD" in Crimson text


  • Competitive Supersonic Legend: "S13 SUPERSONIC LEGEND" in Titanium White text
  • Rumble Supersonic Legend: "S13 RNGENIUS" in Titanium White text
  • Hoops Supersonic Legend: "S13 LEGENDARY BALLER" in Titanium White text
  • Snow Day Supersonic Legend: "S13 ICE TITAN" in Titanium White text


There’s still time to rank up! Season 13 ends March 6th at 7am PST, good luck and have fun!