The latest Rocket Pass is getting ready to leave the garage when Season 3 launches on April 7! This new Rocket Pass features 70+ Tiers of new items celebrating speed. Check out the first look at these new items in the Season 3 Rocket Pass trailer above.  

Season 3's Rocket Pass needed a new car to set the pace, and Tyranno is the perfect high-octane car for the task. This speed demon with the Dominus hitbox is ready for the pitch, and is unlocked immediately with Rocket Pass premium. Don't forget, Rocket Pass Premium gives players additional Weekly and Seasonal Challenges, plus an XP boost to help you Tier Up even faster. Players who have Rocket Pass Premium also get access to the Pro Rewards beyond Tier 70, which unlock variants of select Rocket Pass Items. Pro Rewards are tradable to other players too! 

In addition to Tyranno, the Season 3 Rocket Pass features new items like the Chequered Flag Goal Explosion, Traction Wheels, Retrogression Animated Decal, new Player Anthems and more! As always, Rocket Pass Premium also has up to 1000 Credits to unlock. Check out more of the featured items on the Rocket Pass page.

The Pro Tiers are getting an overhaul with Season 3. Tiers beyond Tier 70 will no longer be hidden. Instead, players at Tier 70 or beyond will now see what item they can unlock 30 Tiers in advance. We will also be adding back the ability to purchase Pro Tiers.

The countdown has begun! Get ready to Tier Up your Rocket Pass on April 7 following a game update on April 6 at 4 p.m. PDT (11 p.m. UTC) (pending first-party certification). How far will you go?