The most wonderful time of the year in Rocket League is back! Frosty Fest is officially underway and running now ‘til January 3. 

This year, we’re spreading the festive cheer with Challenges, wintry rewards (with some Golden Gifts thrown in!), and returning Limited Time Modes. It is the season of giving after all!


Breakin’ the Ice: Frosty Fest Challenges and Rewards

If the season weren’t chilly enough, make it even colder with frosty accessories. Available until the end of the event, tackle 12 Frosty Fest Challenges to earn new Toppers, Antennas, a Decal, and more! Every Challenge has a reward for completion.


Is curling your favorite sport (besides Soccar)? Roll around the Arena with the Curling Stone Wheels. If you like keeping a spare, don’t leave the Curling Stone Topper behind!

Speaking of Toppers, use the Oh No Snowman Topper to fulfill a snowman’s melting wish of riding on top of a car. While the snowman sits atop, make it feel at home with the Mountaintop Octane Decal.

For completing one of the more difficult Challenges (Play 20 Online Matches), you’ll unlock a Golden Gift that pulls from the Impact, Secret Santa, and Accelerator Series. You can complete this Challenge up to five times, which means you can earn up to five Golden Gifts! 🎁


Home for the Holidays: Returning LTMs

A special time of year means special ways to play—the Winter Breakaway and Speed Demon Limited Time Modes (LTMs) are back for Frosty Fest.


Winter Breakaway (December 13 - December 20)


The Soccar ball gets subbed for a Hockey Puck in the Winter Breakaway LTM! Stay frosty while you throw down 3v3 on a snowy Throwback Stadium.


Speed Demon (December 20 - December 27)


Too cool to chill? The Speed Demon LTM is a lightning-quick variant of Boomer Ball with unlimited boost at double the power. With that in mind, expect plenty of collateral damage—but don’t worry about getting taken out too much. You’ll be back behind the wheel in no time with 1-second respawns!


There’s plenty in 2023’s Frosty Fest to keep you busy, so don’t get left out in the cold! Frosty Fest is back now until January 3.