Unlock items in Rocket League by playing Sideswipe during the
Rocket League Crossover Event!  

Pre-Season has ended and Season 1 has officially kicked off in Rocket League Sideswipe! The new standalone mobile game from Psyonix is now available everywhere on iOS and Android. Check out the all-new Sideswipe Cinematic Trailer above featuring a rendition of "Jump" from artist Anamanaguchi, and drive into Season 1 today!  

Starting today, you'll be able to unlock items in Rocket League by completing Challenges in Sideswipe during our Rocket League Crossover Event! Log into Sideswipe with the same Epic Games Account that you use for Rocket League and complete two Challenges that will unlock Nuhai Inverted Wheels and the Wow! Goal Explosion in Rocket League and Sideswipe! These Challenges will be available to complete until January 25. Plus, unlock the song "Water Resistant" by Anamanaguchi as a Player Anthem in Rocket League just by logging into Sideswipe before the Challenges expire! 

Even if you missed out on Pre-Season, Season 1 is the perfect launch point to get in the game. Jump in and take control of this reimagining of Rocket League action that is built specifically for mobile devices. Become a master at the touch controls or connect a controller that you're used to. Start unlocking items in your inventory just by playing Online Matches. 

With the launch of Season 1, Competitive Ranks have been reset and Sideswipe's first Rocket Pass is ready to roll! Jump into Competitive Play to play Ranked Online Matches. Bring your A-game because winning Competitive Matches will increase your Rank, but losing will decrease it. When Season 1 ends, players will receive rewards based on their highest Competitive Rank. If you started playing Sideswipe during Pre-Season, you will also receive a Pre-Season Reward when Season 1 begins as well. The Pre-Season Reward is a Title based upon the Competitive Rank you reached.

Rocket Pass is unrelated to your Competitive Rank. Sideswipe's free Rocket Pass helps unlock customization items just by playing Online Matches. Jump into any Online Match to start earning XP which tiers up your Rocket Pass. 

Enjoying the sounds of Rocket League Sideswipe? Starting now, the songs featured in the Sideswipe soundtrack are live in Rocket League as a playlist in Rocket League Radio. Listen to them now in-game, or grab the soundtrack on Monstercat

Download and play Rocket League Sideswipe today on iOS and Android and enjoy Season 1!