• Brightness on DFH Stadium (Day) and Champions Field (Day) has been reduced

  • Fixed an issue with the grass in Champions Field (Day) on low detail

  • The broken texture on Starbase Arc has been fixed

  • Mac/Linux: Farmstead map visuals have been updated

  • Lighting on Farmstead has been adjusted

  • Urban Central boost locations are now consistent with other Standard Arenas



  • Boost audio will no longer cut out when rapidly tapping the Boost button

  • Season Reward Level progress should now display correctly at the end of Competitive matches

  • Added additional checks to prevent undesired demolish scenarios reported since the Autumn Update

  • Fixed several issues with in-game grass

  • The appearance of grass on lower detail modes on PC has been updated as part of ongoing optimizations

  • Fixed the item thumbnail for Halo toppers with a Black ‘Painted’ attribute

  • Fixed a game crash issue related to the Season 4 Reward Trails

  • The ‘Labyrinth’ Decal for Takumi has been fixed

  • The Season 2 Reward Prospect Boost has been fixed
  • Second player in splitscreen mode will now retain color choices made in the Garage

  • Joining Free Play during join countdown no longer blocks player from entering a match


  • Some players on Xbox One may still experience performance issues

    • Restarting Rocket League can help solve this issue temporarily while we continue to investigate