Two of the biggest names in sports-action entertainment are teaming up for 2018!

Rocket League is now partnered with the daredevils at Nitro Circus, one of the most thrilling brands in sports entertainment today! With shows all over the globe in 2018, you can expect to see Rocket League at all of Nitro Circus’ events this year, and we’ll be a part of some really cool giveaways at select shows down the line.

But what would a partnership be without some friendly competition? Less fun, that's what! It's with that in mind that, throughout the year, we'll provide you with the opportunity to face off against some of Nitro Circus’ popular sports heroes in special Rocket League online tournaments!

We’ll have more news on the online tournaments soon; until then, check out Nitro Circus on Facebook and Instagram because you know you want to check out all the action!