Since our launch in July 2015, Rocket League has already surpassed more than 30 million players and 1.25 billion online matches -- and it's just the beginning! As announced earlier today at the Tencent UP 2017 event, Psyonix and Tencent Games have teamed up to bring Rocket League to Chinese players on PC!

With the new release, there will also be changes to the Chinese version of Rocket League to better suit the expectations of that community. Though the core gameplay experience will remain unchanged, our traditional framework will be replaced with a new streamlined free-to-play system. In keeping with Rocket League traditions, however, the Chinese free-to-play version will not follow a "pay-to-win" formula, and will instead hold true to our "community first" mantra, where skill and teamwork are your most important attributes.

As development progresses, we will continue to work hard with our partners at Tencent Games to ensure quality and consistency for Rocket League in China. You can learn more about our new alliance at, where you can find additional information in the coming months on topics like playability, esports, and (of course) a release date.

Finally, to our friends who are already playing Rocket League in China -- Don’t worry! Though new players will no longer be able to purchase the existing version of the game on Steam from this point forward, the existing community will still have access to the game you paid for in addition to all other currently-available features.

Welcome to the family!