Updated November 16, 2021

Psyonix Terms of Use and End User License Agreement

One of our goals with Rocket League has always been to provide a safe, fun place for you and your friends to play games online. As Rocket League continues to evolve, it’s more important now than ever before to familiarize yourself with our Code of Conduct. For those who have read through the Terms of Use and EULA, you will see some familiar language in here. And remember, just because something isn’t specifically called out below doesn’t mean it’s OK.

When playing or interacting with Rocket League, you agree to follow our Terms of Use (ToU) and End User License Agreement (EULA). The Rocket League Code of Conduct also aligns with Epic Games’ Community Rules. More information can be found at the links below.

Terms of Use: https://www.psyonix.com/tou

End User License Agreement: https://www.psyonix.com/eula

Epic Games Community Rules: https://www.epicgames.com/site/en-US/community-rules

Behavior in Rocket League

  • Respect: Rocket League is at its best when all of our players view each other as equals. Above all else, we expect our players to treat each other with kindness and respect when interacting in our game.
  • Harassment: Harassment and toxicity are not tolerated by us, or our community. If anyone in Rocket League targets you or another player with abusive language, racist or demeaning language, threats, or does anything else prohibited by our ToU and EULA, their account may be subject to discipline.
  • Personal Information: Never share someone else’s personal information or alternate account information with other players. We also strongly recommend that you do not share your personal information in our game.
  • Impersonation: Do not impersonate other players, streamers, celebrities, government officials, Psyonix and Epic employees, or anyone else.
  • Dangerous and Illegal Activities: Respect all local laws, and do not use our game to promote any dangerous and illegal activities, including but not limited to gambling, drug use, phishing, etc. We take threats of harm and self-harm very seriously. If you see any threats of harm or self-harm made in Rocket League, please report them to our Customer Care team immediately.

Matchmaking Abuse and Cheating

  • Play by the rules. Cheating, griefing, playing for the other team, and exploiting bugs are not allowed
  • Boosting and deranking of any kind are not allowed.
  • Smurfing is not allowed. We define a smurf account as an account that is intentionally abusing the matchmaking system for the player’s gain, or the gains of others.
    • Example of a Smurf Account: Intentionally keeping an account at a lower Rank than where you normally play; starting an alternate account to harass others.
  • Players engaging in cheating or matchmaking abuse are subject to account suspensions and/or bans.

Account Safety

  • We strongly recommend that all players use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on their platform accounts when available.
  • Psyonix will never ask you for your password. If anyone claiming to represent Psyonix asks you for your login information, please report it to us immediately at support.rocketleague.com.
  • Some of our websites, like the Customer Care portal and the Fan Rewards page, may ask you to log in with the platform you play Rocket League on (PlayStation, Epic Games, etc). Always check the URL before signing in, and watch out for scam sites that pretend to be rocketleague.com.  If you don’t recognize the URL or you find a scam site, please report it to our Customer Care team.
  • Selling your account is not allowed.
  • Selling in-game items for real-world currency is not allowed.

Report Reasons

Here are the Report Reasons found in Rocket League, and how you should use them:

  • Text Harassment: Used when a player is threatening or harassing you or other players in All Chat, or Team Chat.
  • Verbal Harassment: Used when a player is harassing you in voice chat
  • Match Throwing or Griefing: This reason covers all forms of matchmaking abuse, including smurfing
  • Intentionally Idle: When a player is not moving their car on purpose in order to disrupt gameplay
  • XP Farming: Used when a player is suspected of being a bot that is present to farm XP, levels, items, or currency
  • Inappropriate Player Name: When a player has a name that violates our Code of Conduct or a platform's rules
  • Inappropriate Club Name: When a player has a name that violates our Code of Conduct, including promoting hate speech

Content Creators

  • If you are a content creator using Rocket League in any form of content -- recorded, streamed, on social media, or otherwise -- you are subject to our Code of Conduct, ToU, and EULA, as well as Epic Games Content Guidelines
  • Using Rocket League to promote sponsors and services that violate our Code of Conduct, ToU, and EULA may lead to actions taken against your in-game account.
  • Stream sniping is not allowed, plain and simple. Any credible evidence will be taken seriously, and offending players may be subject to consequences.

Third-Party Mods

  • Rocket League on Steam currently allows for the use of mods, so long as they comply with our ToU and EULA. Mods cannot:
    • Offer a competitive advantage in online play.
    • Expose unreleased features or content found within Rocket League’s code.
    • Interfere with, exploit, or abuse Rocket League services.
  • Psyonix and Epic Games do not provide support for third-party mods -- use them at your own risk.


Rocket League Code of Conduct, ToU, and EULA violations may lead to us taking these in-game actions:

  • Account/Game Bans: Temporary or permanent suspension of your account, and alternate accounts. This includes losing access to your in-game items and currencies, and online features or systems.
  • Chat Bans: Temporary or permanent loss of in-game chat, and limited functionality of Quick Chat.
  • Club Bans: You can no longer create and/or join Clubs.
  • Competitive Sanctions: Matchmaking bans, Ineligibility for Season Rewards, Rank Reset, and similar actions may be taken against players who abuse the matchmaking system.
  • Alternate Accounts: Actions taken against a player’s account may also extend to their alternate accounts.