In celebration of Black History Month, we're featuring three new tracks in-game from Black creators. These new songs will also be available to equip as Player Anthems for free later this month. 

Continuing our lineage with Monstercat and its catalog of artists who have been an essential part of Rocket League's in-game experience for years, we're thrilled to spotlight new music from talented Black artists on the label during this important month. Check out when you'll be able to hear these songs in-game:

  • Live now: Same Mistake (feat. Josh Rubin) by Fransis Derelle

  • February 23: Union by Vindata

Each song will be featured as Rocket League's menu music on the dates above and will be available to claim as Player Anthems for free in the Item Shop on February 23. Go to the "Black Creators" Item Shop Tab to claim them. 

To hear more from these artists, visit Vindata's Spotify and Fransis Derelle's Spotify


We hope you enjoy hearing these new artists in Rocket League to honor Black History Month!