PAX West 2016 kicks off later this week, and Rocket League will be out in force at Seattle’s annual gaming convention.

First up, we’re throwing TWO 3v3 Rocket League tournaments at PAX. The first is on Saturday, September 3 from 7pm-9pm PDT in the console tournament area (Annex, Level 1), while the second is Monday, September 5 from 1pm-3pm PDT in the CybertronPC Room (Annex, Level 3). Sign-ups are held on-site outside of the each tournament area; be sure to get your teams checked in early!

No time to compete? Never fear! You’ll also find Rocket League in the Expo Hall. Look for us in Razer’s booth (#2513), next to the PAX Arena. We’re also going to be on every PC in the CybertronPC Room, so be sure to swing by if you need to take a break from all the awesome booths, panels, and fake wrestling that PAX West has to offer.

Related to this: we revealed upcoming PAX and Penny Arcade items last week that are scheduled for release in the the Rumble update. Expect to see them… soon!