Our friends over at Techland reached out to us a little while back and proposed a collaboration to bring a little bit of Rocket League flair over to the zombie-infested countrysides of Harran for Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition.

We have quite a few fans of Techland and Dying Light here at Psyonix, so we were pretty excited to collaborate. Plus, our abbreviated game titles just look natural next to each other. DL + RL!

Starting today, players can equip their Dying Light: The Following dirt buggies with a unique Rocket League-themed paint job . Our signature blues and oranges, and of course our logo, really look quite nice when you’re driving through hordes of the infected! Just use the official docket code LightMyRocket and redeem it here.

To view the paint job in Dying Light, see the official trailer below:

Similarly in Rocket League, you’ll be able to customize their Battle-Cars with Dying Light-inspired items this summer. Techland’s The Following has been out for a spell, so they’re leading the charge with this one. We can’t wait to share more with you all!