Rocket Labs is an all-new casual playlist that allows players to play prototype arena layouts with a virtual reality-inspired aesthetic. This gives our awesome community the ability to check out a wider variety of arenas at a faster rate than before. In addition, we’ll be gathering feedback and Rocket League players can help decide which layouts our development team applies full artwork assets to.

GameSpot’s Mary Kish visited our studio for an exclusive look at Rocket Labs and Rocket League in general. Our Design Director Corey Davis for an exclusive feature about Rocket Labs and Rocket League! Check out the GameSpot video, below:

Let’s dive further into some of the key features of Rocket Labs in addition to some other improvements and updates coming in this month’s patch:

  • Key Rocket Labs Features
    • A new rotating casual playlist called “Rocket Labs” will be available in the February patch! Rocket Labs features prototype layouts that use virtual reality-esque art assets. This allows Psyonix to release and gather feedback from the community on new designs more rapidly than before.
    • We plan on releasing new Rocket Labs arenas periodically directly into the “Rocket Labs” playlist, but there is no set cadence currently. They are meant to keep the game fresh well beyond our initial introduction.
    • All Rocket Labs are available for Private Matches and Exhibition as well.
    • First 3 Rocket Labs:
  • Underpass
    • The first Rocket League arena to have multiple levels. Inspired by feedback from top-level players, Underpass features newly slanted walls and higher ceilings that lend to more hang time for aerial play.
  • Utopia Retro
    • A circular arena heavily inspired by the Utopia arena from Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars. One of the most requested layouts from players since the launch of Rocket League makes its RL debut.
  • Double Goal
    • One of the biggest departures from the standard Rocket League arenas. This arena features an entirely new goal layout that includes two separate openings for each of the team’s goals.

Other Season 2 / February Patch Map Updates:

  • Wasteland arena will be added to Competitive playlists.
  • The Snow Day mutator preset, the “Puck” ball type, and the Winter Stadium arena will be available for Exhibition and Private Matches.
  • Player Reporting
    • This is a highly requested feature. A new Report option will be added and it can be accessed via the mid-game menu.  You can report players who are being offensive and the full chat log of the match will be submitted along with your report for administrative review.

As with the Wasteland and Snow Day maps before them, these maps will first be available through the Rocket Labs playlist, but as we receive more feedback, players may see the best of the best enter into the Competitive Playlists over time. Rocket Labs and the February patch will arrive a little later this month, so be on the lookout for both!