We just wrapped up the RLCS Winter Major about a month ago and we still can't stop buzzing after having fans back in the building, but now it's time to turn our attention to the upcoming RLCS Spring Split. There's a lot of information to go over, so let's get right into it!

New Format

It's a new Split, which means a new format challenge is on the way for the world's best Rocket League teams. We're putting the Winter Split format on ice, and for the Spring Split we're introducing a 16-Team, Double-Elimination Bracket. The concept is simple: battle your way through the bracket, but you lose twice, and you're eliminated from the tournament.

Since there will be an Upper and Lower Bracket, teams that make the Grand Finals from the Lower Bracket will need to win two series against the team coming from the Upper Bracket in order to win the tournament, whereas the team from the Upper Bracket will only need to win once to claim victory. This is what's known as a "Bracket Reset."

Split and Broadcast Schedule


The event schedule will mirror the last two Splits. There will be three Regional Events per region throughout the Split. Based on performance throughout the Split, teams will qualify for the RLCS Spring Major at the Copper Box Arena in London, England! Much like the last two Splits, multiple regions will be playing on a given weekend. Check out the schedule below:

Event Schedule

  • April 28 - 29: Middle East & North Africa (MENA) Regional #1
  • April 29 - May 1: Verizon Ultra Cup (NA); Asia-Pacific South (APAC S), and Oceania (OCE) Regional #1
  • May 6 - 8: Dacia Spring Cup (EU); Asia-Pacific North (APAC N), South America (SAM) Regional #1
  • May 13 - 15: 7-Eleven Slurpee Cup (NA); APAC S, MENA, OCE Regional #2
  • May 20 - 22: Tour de Rocket League (EU); APAC N, SAM Regional #2
  • May 27 - 29: Regional #3 (NA), APAC S, MENA, OCE Regional #3
  • June 3 - 5: APAC N, SAM Regional #3
  • June 10 - 12: Super 16 (EU)
  • June 29 - July 3: Spring Major

Broadcast Start Times

  • Asia-Pacific North (APAC N) RLCS: 7 p.m. JST (3 a.m. PT)
  • Asia-Pacific South (APAC S) RLCS: 5 p.m. SGT (2 a.m. PT), Fridays at 7 p.m. SGT (4 a.m. PT)
  • European (EU) RLCS: 8 a.m. PT (3 p.m. UTC)
  • Middle East & North Africa (MENA) RLCS: 8 p.m. KSA (8 a.m. PT) on April 28 - 29; 6 p.m. KSA (8 a.m. PT) all other dates
  • North America (NA) RLCS: 10 a.m. PT (5 p.m. UTC)
  • Oceanic (OCE) RLCS: 5 p.m. AEST (12 a.m. PT), Saturdays at 3 p.m. AEST (3 p.m. PT)
  • South America (SAM) RLCS: 4 p.m. BRT (12 p.m. PT)

Don't forget that you can catch all the Spring Split action on the following channels:

Introducing Spring Major and End of Season Awards

There's always tons of conversation about who are the best Rocket League players in the world. Those conversations used to be anchored by accolades given throughout an RLCS season, but with the introduction of the new season structure during RLCS X, we stopped giving out those awards. That's changing in the near future!

Introducing the Spring Major and End of Season Awards! For the Spring Major and the End of Season, players can earn the following Awards:

Spring Major

  • Offensive MVP
  • Defensive MVP
  • Overall MVP

End of Season Awards

  • European RLCS MVP
  • Middle East & North Africa RLCS MVP
  • North American RLCS MVP
  • Oceanic RLCS MVP
  • South American RLCS MVP

The Spring Major Awards will be voted on by on-site Psyonix Esports staff and on-site RLCS casters, due to time limitations.

As for the End of Season Awards, each regions' professional casters will cast votes for their region's MVP. The player with the most votes in each region will take home the MVP award!

More On the Way!

In addition to all the above, we've got more coming your way. Keep a lookout for new additions to the Fan Reward pool for the Spring Split. We also know that fans are looking for ticketing information for the Spring Major at the Copper Box Arena in London. Similar to the Winter Major, the event will include two fan-attended days (July 2 & 3) and we’ll have more updates within the next few weeks, so hang in there!

We're looking forward to an ultra-competitive Spring Split filled with high-stakes RLCS action, content, and much more. We'll see you on April 28 as we kick off the Spring Split!