In celebration of the Rocket League Championship Series registration being available, we wanted to share the official Rules and Registration steps with you all! Check it out and if you have questions feel free to ask us via the RLCS Facebook and Twitter.

Official league rules:

Official registration page:

Here’s the RLCS Registration process. We’ve broken this down by Team Captain and Team Member.

NOTE: The Team Captain HAS to register first and then distribute a signup URL to the remaining team members.

Check out the step-by-step guide below:

Team Captain

  1. Team Captain will register on the Registration page
  2. Team Captain will complete form and click submit
  3. Team Captain will be sent (2) emails
    • An email verification email
    • An email containing the team signup URL

4. Team Captain must distribute this URL to their teammates in order to register as a team

Team Member 

  1. Team Member will use team signup URL provided by Team Captain to register
  2. Team Member will complete the form and click submit
  3. Team Member will be sent an email verification

In the future, players will receive an email requiring them to validate their platforms (PC or PS4 only).

All Team Members MUST complete the EMAIL VERIFICATION in order to be eligible to compete in the Rocket League Championship Series.