Player-to-Player Trading will be removed from Rocket League on December 5 at 4 p.m. PST.

We’re making this change to align with Epic’s overall approach to game cosmetics and item shop policies, where items aren’t tradable, transferrable, or sellable. This opens up future plans for some Rocket League vehicles to come to other Epic games over time, supporting cross-game ownership.



Q: What do I do with my duplicate or unwanted items? 

A: The Trade-In system for Core Items, Tournament Items, and Blueprints will allow players to continue trading in eligible duplicate or unwanted items to receive a random new item of higher rarity.

Q: What if I lent someone an item?

A: These actions are not supported by Psyonix and all trades are considered final. Our support team cannot help reverse trades.

Q: What about third-party trading websites or servers?

A: After December 5, there will be no way to trade items with any player or between accounts. Websites or servers advertising such services are fraudulent and have no connection to Psyonix or Epic Games.

Q: Will this undo any trades I’ve made in the past?

A: No, you will not lose any previously traded items when Player-to-Player Trading is removed on December 5.