The smell of burning rubber fills the air while the stock
cars of NASCAR round the final corner. As the checkered flag waves, the
drivers suddenly find themselves facing a whole new type of challenge:
Soccar! In celebration of NASCAR’s 75th anniversary, we welcome a new
set of Team Decals (including an in-game Decal based on 23XI Racing’s IRL Rocket League livery,) the return of the 2022 Fan Pass lineup, and a new NASCAR’s 75th Anniversary decal

Join the race from September 13 to September 26.

NASCAR Leads the Pack

Since the very first race day at Daytona Beach 75 years
ago, NASCAR has thrilled millions with speed, drama, and incredible

Fast forward to today, and you can bring that racing heritage to the Arena with the Next Gen Toyota Camry, Next Gen Ford Mustang, and Next Gen Chevy Camaro! We’re releasing a whole new set of team livery Decals this year, including a special NASCAR 75th Anniversary Decal. You’ll also have a chance to run laps around your opponent as DFH Stadium (Circuit) returns to the Arena rotation.

Already have the cars from last year? We’ll also have a
bundle with decals only, so you can update your collection with all the
newest NASCAR livery.


We’ve had NASCAR in Rocket League before, but on August 6th
Rocket League hit the NASCAR track for the very first time! With Tyler
Reddick at the wheel, 23XI’s Toyota TRD Pro ran the FireKeepers Casino
400 in Michigan in full Soccar livery. 

We’ve brought that same custom livery into the game with the 23XI #45: RLE Decal so you can use the in-game real-life-inspired car based on the IRL game car… wait… well, the point is you can drive it in Rocket League!

NASCAR 75th Anniversary Complete Bundle (1100 Credits)

  • NASCAR 75th Anniversary Decal
  • Goodyear NASCAR Wheel
  • NASCAR Next Gen Toyota Camry Car
  • Joe Gibbs Racing #20 Decal
  • Joe Gibbs Racing #54 Decal
  • 23XI #45: RLE Decal
  • NASCAR Next Gen Ford Mustang Car
  • Team Penske #2 Decal
  • Team Penske #12 Decal
  • Stewart-Haas Racing #41 Decal
  • Wood Brothers Racing #21 Decal
  • Front Row Motorsports #38 Decal
  • NASCAR Next Gen Chevy Camaro Car
  • Hendrick Motorsports #24 Decal
  • Kaulig Racing #31 Decal
  • Kaulig Racing #16 Decal
  • Live Fast Motorsports #78 Decal
  • Spire Motorsports #77 Decal
  • Legacy Motor Club #42 Decal
  • Hendrick Motorsports #9 Decal

*Note: The Team Decals and Goodyear NASCAR Wheels
included in the NASCAR 75th Anniversary Bundle can only be equipped by
the NASCAR Next Gen Ford Mustang, NASCAR Next Gen Chevrolet Camaro, and
NASCAR Next Gen Toyota Camry. These cars cannot be customized with
certain item types. 


2022 NASCAR Fan Pass Returns

The 2022 Fan Pass is back for another lap! If you missed it last year, now’s your chance to get the full collection of Team Decals and Player Banners. You’ll also get specially designed NASCAR Decals that bring the thrills of stock racing to three fan-favorite cars: Octane, Dominus, and Fennec

2022 Fan Pass (1100 Credits)

  • 3 NASCAR Next Gen Cars
  • 3 Rocket League Branded Decals 
  • 3 Next Gen Promo Decals
  • Next Gen Goodyear Racing Wheels
  • 9 NASCAR Team Decals
  • 9 NASCAR Team Player Banners 

Start your engines—NASCAR returns to Rocket League from September 13 to September 26!