Our next Rocket League update arrives next week! Coming to all platforms on August 29, the Progression Update is focused on how and when you earn XP and how you play with your friends online.

Our overhaul of progression moves XP from Offline Matches to Online and will give first-time and Rocketeer players alike new ways to unlock FREE content. We’ve also removed the level 75 cap, added XP bonuses and created new in-game Titles you can earn over time. Be sure to catch up on new progression system details in our deep dive blog.

Joining the progression changes is Clubs, our newest in-game social feature. Clubs lets you and your friends organize and compete as a proper team within the Rocket League client. You’ll be able to name your Club, create a custom Club Tag and have up to 20 players unified as one! We’ll dive deeper into Clubs before the update goes live, so consider this a brief peek at what’s to come.

What else is coming in the Progression Update?

  • Avatar Borders: A brand new Customization Item that lives alongside your platform’s Avatar and your Player Banner!

  • Real-time filtering for text related to Clubs and Tournaments

  • New Achievements and Trophies

  • A ‘Particle Details’ Video Option

  • Quality of Life (QoL) changes and bug fixes

  • ...and more!

What about Rocket Pass and RocketID? Rocket Pass will go live the week after the Progression Update is released -- be on the lookout for an in-game countdown once we’re closer to the launch! As for RocketID and Cross-Platform Parties, we’re still on track to release it before the end of September, as outlined in our latest Roadmap Update blog. In the meantime, let us know what you think of Clubs on Twitter and the subreddit!

Oh, and did we mention we have an official Discord server now? Head on over to discord.gg/rocketleague and join us and over 60,000 Rocket League players. You’ll be able to talk with the devs, ask questions and find plenty of passionate, awesome RL enthusiasts to team up with -- just in time for Clubs, as a matter of fact. Thanks, everyone!