The people have spoken! After six days and some very close races, we’re happy to announce the voting results for Rocket League’s first-ever Player’s Choice Crate!

And the winners are...

Exotic Wheel I: Lightning
Exotic Wheel II: Zomba
Import Battle-Car I: Octane ZSR
Import Battle-Car II: Dominus GT
Import Battle-Car III: Breakout Type-S
Very Rare Decal - Breakout Type-S: Distortion
Very Rare Decal - Dominus GT: Distortion
Very Rare Decal - Octane ZSR: Distortion
Very Rare Decal - Takumi RX-T: Distortion

The Player’s Choice Crate will be part of our next major Rocket League update, and we’ll have more to share about the update very soon!