We heard you like Rocket League…

With Rocket League Sideswipe’s Season 4 currently live, now is the perfect time for Rocket League players to try it out. Veterans will find familiar mechanics and strategies only get them so far, as you’ll need to master all-new moves to win! By completing in-game challenges in Sideswipe, players will be able to pick up the Calculated Goal Explosion in both games. Mathematical! 


Connect And Unlock

If you haven’t picked up Sideswipe yet, download and play for free on iOS and Android! From there, you’ll be able to unlock your rewards by simply starting up Rocket League Sideswipe on your mobile device, then logging in using your linked Epic Games Account. 

Once your account is connected, head to the “Challenges” tab and show off your skills to receive algebraic rewards! Earn 5 MVPs in Online Matches for the Calculated Avatar in Sideswipe, or win 20 Online Matches to unlock the Calculated Goal Explosion in both games!

  • Calculated Goal Explosion (Rocket League)

  • Calculated Goal Explosion (Sideswipe)

  • Calculated Avatar (Sideswipe)

Ready to go mobile? Unlock crossover rewards July 6 - 19.