Today, we’re announcing FREE PAX, Penny Arcade, and DIV items that will hit alongside the Rumble update next month! It’s pretty rad timing, since we’ll be at PAX West in Seattle from September 2-5 for another Rocket League community tournament. That 3v3 tourney will be held at the PC Free Play area on Saturday, September 3 from 7-9pm PDT.

Look for us in Razer’s booth (#2513), next to the PAX Arena. We’re also going to be on every PC in the CybertronPC Room (Annex, Level 3). Go here for more info:

Before the big event, let’s preview some Garage goodies. Players can customize their ride with the PAX flag you see above, alongside two others.

Penny Arcade web comic fans can rock our Community Antenna and the popular Penny Arcade character, DIV, will make an appearance as well!  Equip the Flags and Antenna as FREE online drops on Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One this September when Rumble update hits. Check out the screenshots for both of them below: